How INSANITY Pure Cardio Works

How INSANITY Pure Cardio Works

Are you ready to get insane results? Celebrity trainer Shaun T is ready to help.

If you haven’t heard about his fat-melting INSANITY Pure Cardio workout, here’s a rundown of what you can expect.

From the first move to the last, the workout is just shy of 40 minutes. That’s plenty of time for you to work up a sweat, raise your heart rate, and feel the burn.

INSANITY Pure Cardio works in a way that’s similar to interval training, but even more intense. This is max interval training.

You go all out for three- to five-minute blocks, and take breaks only long enough to take a gulp of air before jumping back in. Your goal is to work at maximum capacity for the entire workout, and the results will speak for themselves.

In just 60 days, you’ll shed unwanted fat, build lean, sexy muscle, and finally sculpt the body you’ve always wanted.

If you’re still not sure if this program is right for you, you can test it out before committing to the whole thing.

How INSANITY Pure Cardio Works

Right off the bat, Shaun T gets your blood pumping with a total-body warmup. Even in the first five minutes, it’s clear that this workout is truly nonstop cardio.

You’ll be moving the entire time with moves such as Heisman jumps, high knees, and mummy kicks (yes, those are just as scary as they sound).

After the warmup, you begin the main workout. Suicide drills test your agility as you move your feet as fast as possible. Switch kicks pick things up a notch by challenging you to lift your legs high off the floor.

The pace increases with wide football sprints that have you switching directions quickly.

Other moves, like frog jumps, have you moving low to high, making your heart race even more. The yellow bar at the bottom of your screen tells you how much time is left for each move, and Shaun T’s reminders to breathe are helpful as you count down the seconds.

The focus of the workout is cardio, but there are a number of strength exercises thrown into the mix.

Many INSANITY Pure Cardio moves center around tightening your core, so your abs will get plenty of attention.

Push-ups and push-up jacks also make an appearance, so you’ll be working your entire body, and building muscle all over.

How INSANITY Pure Cardio Keeps You Motivated

Shaun T is the motivational trainer you’ve been waiting for. You can see how hard he’s working, but he never stops encouraging you to push yourself through the tough moves.

This workout isn’t supposed to be easy, but Shaun T also knows how important it is to take a break and grab some water.

As he explains in the video, when you start to compromise your form, it’s time to slow down, catch your breath, and start up again when you’re ready.

If you can’t make it through the whole workout your first time, that’s okay — keep working at it.

Each time you do the workout, you’ll become a little stronger and fitter, which will allow you to go harder and last longer.

When you reach the last five minutes, you can give yourself a pat on the back; the main workout is finished. But you’re not done yet — you still need to cool down.

Follow along with Shaun T as he guides you through stretches to jump-start your recovery. By the time all 40 minutes are up, you’ll feel exhausted but accomplished.

Beyond INSANITY Pure Cardio

If you want more of Shaun T’s workouts, visit Beachbody On Demand. Our streaming service gives you instant access to not only INSANITY Pure Cardio workouts, but also other blockbuster workout programs such as P90X and 21 Day Fix.

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