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What’s New on Beachbody On Demand

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March 2022

Autumn Calabrese eating a veggie burger

Autumn Calabrese’s The 4 Week Gut Protocol and 4 Weeks for Every Body programs are now available for purchase!

Beachbody Super Trainer and nutrition expert Autumn Calabrese struggled for years with stomach issues.

After tackling her gastrointestinal problems with help from her doctor and after much trial and error, Autumn decided to use her expertise and personal experience to create the comprehensive nutrition program, The 4 Week Gut Protocol. 

The 4 Week Gut Protocol is designed to teach you how certain foods and ingredients impact your gut health and uncover how much your gut impacts your overall health.

Over 4 weeks, Autumn will help you discover the foods that disrupt your digestive health and will show you how to effectively remove, replace, and rebalance those foods.

Research has shown that exercise can positively affect your gut health, which is why Autumn has also created the 4 Weeks for Every Body fitness program.

It enhances the benefits of The 4 Week Gut Protocol without putting stress on your body. The two programs can be completed separately. 

4 Weeks for Every Body has 16 total workouts, 4 workouts per week over 4 weeks, plus 4 optional bonus indoor cycling rides.

Each workout is under 30 minutes and focuses on eccentric exercises. Dumbbells and a core ball are recommended.

Try the sample workout today on BOD!

For more information on The 4 Week Gut Protocol and 4 Weeks for Every Body, please visit FAQ 5197.

Images of virtual badges on Beachbody On Demand

You can now earn Virtual Badges on Beachbody On Demand!

Celebrate your achievements when you unlock virtual badges on the BOD website and app.

Starting March 1, 2022, you can earn badges for completing programs or reaching milestones for tracked rides, workouts, and Shakeology.

There are four types of badges you can earn:

Total Workouts Milestone Badge – Custom workouts, BODi workouts, BOD workouts, and Rides all count toward earning this workout badge.

Total Shakeology Milestone Badges – Log every delicious Shakeology you make.

Total Rides Badge – Once you’re done crushing your ride, don’t forget to log it!

Program Completion Badge – Celebrate finishing every single workout in a program with this hard-earned badge!

You can manually track your progress or enable “Auto track your workouts” in Settings to help you easily track your workouts and ride activity.

You can see all the badges you’ve earned, along with the ones you’re on your way to earning, by clicking on your avatar on the Beachbody On Demand website or app to get to your Dashboard.

The ones you earned will be illuminated in full color, plus celebrated with an in-app notification as soon as you earn them. The badges you have yet to unlock will be grayed out, including those you’re working toward.

Who’s ready to earn ALL the badges? Get started today!

For more information, click here to visit FAQ 3321.

January 2022

Ilana Muhlstein in her kitchen with various foods

2B Pregnant Launched on January 10

Registered Dietitian Ilana Muhlstein, M.S., R.D.N., launched her newest nutrition program, 2B Pregnant!

The program was created to help expectant mothers navigate the challenges of eating for two while establishing lifelong healthy habits that extend after pregnancy and benefit the whole family.

2B Pregnant also includes effective strategies for managing cravings, emotional eating, managing weight gain, nausea, indigestion, constipation, and exhaustion.

It’s available for purchase now on BOD.

December 2021

Jennifer Jacobs doing Job 1 workout

Job 1 VIP Early Access Launched on 12/16

Available now on BOD for VIP early access, Job 1 is a 20-minutes-a-day, 5-days-a-week functional training program that helps you prioritize your health and fitness habits.

Each workout, created by Beachbody Super Trainer Jennifer Jacobs, will target multiple muscle groups every single day for a total-body sweat that leaves you feeling stronger, invigorated, and accomplished.

All you’ll need is light, medium, and heavy dumbbells, as well as resistance loops. You can also use your MYX bike for the four optional 20-minute indoor cycling workouts – a first for any Beachbody program!

Visit BOD today to try the Job 1 sample workout!

Beachbody On Demand is now on Google TV

Your favorite fitness and nutrition platform, Beachbody On Demand, is now available on Google TV.

Install the BOD app today to access our ever-growing BOD member library, live and on-demand classes with BODi, simple and effective meal plans, plus hundreds of healthy and delicious recipes right from your big screen.

Visit FAQ 1978 for more information.

November 2021

Amoila Cesar on the set of 645

New to the Beachbody On Demand Library: 645!

645, the newest fitness program from Super Trainer Amoila Cesar, is now available in the BOD member library!

Build power and mobility with total-body strength and cardio workouts that will help you reach your peak in 13 weeks. Every workout will feel like a personal training session with Amoila in his gym.

Get started today and reach your peak!

October 2021

BODi trainer Lacee on the BODi set

BODi, Beachbody On Demand Interactive, launched on October 19

BODi, our premium tier of Beachbody On Demand, unlocks live and on-demand exercise classes right from the convenience of your home.

Whether you want to do a full fitness program, try immersive daily classes, or get the best of both worlds, Beachbody on Demand with BODi offers a comprehensive fitness solution.

BODi also gives you the chance to work out to top hits alongside your friends and Super Trainers and includes exclusive access to new meal plans and recipes each month, and ongoing advice and support.

View of revamped BOD dashboard


Revamped Dashboard on Beachbody On Demand

  • The new and improved dashboard on the BOD website and app allows you to view your personal progress across a variety of fitness metrics. You can access your dashboard by simply clicking on your avatar.

Updated BODgroups profile page

New BODgroups Profile Pages

  • Personalize your profile page on BODgroups so that your group can learn more about you. You can express yourself by choosing emojis and adding photos that best represent you. After you’ve built your profile, go explore your fellow members’ social profiles by clicking on their photo/avatar.

Filter Your BODgroups Feed 

  • Looking for a specific photo or video on the feed? We’ve added photo and video filters to make it easier for you to sift through posts.

August 2021

New to the Beachbody On Demand Member Library: LET’S GET UP!

Super Trainer Shaun T’s new dance fitness program LET’S GET UP! is available now in the BOD member library.

His program delivers on happiness, positivity, and feeling good, while giving you an amazing and effective full-body workout in just 30-35 minutes. Check it out on BOD.

Beachbody Super Trainer Megan Davies on the set of BODi

Beachbody On Demand Interactive (BODi) BETA

Beachbody On Demand is coming to life this Fall with a new, live interactive membership tier called BODi.

Nutrition+ members can help us test out our live classes during BODi BETA this August.

Live, immersive workouts will stream Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 10 AM, 2 PM, and 4 PM PST throughout the month.

Nutrition+ members have access to test them out and even join the BODcast, where they can be featured on-screen, work out alongside others, and get special shout-outs from the trainer.

July 2021

Amoila Cesar on the set of 645

645 VIP Access Launched on July 19

645 is now available on BOD for VIP early access. Created by Super Trainer Amoila Cesar, 645 is the newest total-body strength, cardio, and mobility fitness program that will help you reach your peak in 13 weeks.

For 45 minutes, 6 days a week, you’ll work on building strength and power, while improving your range of mobility and body’s ability to recover.

As Amoila says, “Sitting is the new smoking,” so make the commitment to reach your peak!

Visit Beachbody On Demand now to try a free sample workout

Interact with Live Video in Real-Time on BODgroups

BODgroups members can now join live-stream videos on their desktop/web, in addition to the BOD app, and can interact with their Coach and group members by commenting and reacting in real-time.

June 2021

Water tracking graph

Water Tracking now available!

Hydration is key for a healthy lifestyle. Keep it top of mind and exceed your water consumption goal by tracking it over time, along with your weight and measurements, on the tracking graph in the “My Progress” tab within Tracking.

A New Look for Beachbody On Demand TV Apps!

Beachbody On Demand TV apps (Roku, FireTV, and AppleTV) are getting a sleek new look and improved navigation.

We’ve redesigned the apps to make it easier to find workouts and pick up where you left off in your program.

The redesign is coming to FireTV, Roku, Apple TV soon! 

Streamlined “Request to Join” Process in BODgroups

With simply a tap of a button, you can now easily join a BODgroup!

Check out the groups your Coach is running on the BODgroups tab of the Beachbody On Demand website or app, simply hit “Request to Join” and wait for your welcome email.

Joining a BODgroup is a great way to stay on track, motivated, and accountable to your health and wellness goals and get support from your Coach and workout buddies!

May 2021

Progress Tab with Tracking Graphs

Customer Progress Tab

Tracking is an essential part of any health and fitness journey. No matter what your goal is, the best way to stay accountable and know if you’re making progress is to track consistently.

With our tracking tools, you can track all your daily activities, share them to your BODgroups, and monitor your progress – all in one place!

Track your activities

Logging your daily activity is simple — tap on the Tracking icon on the bottom navigation bar of your Beachbody On Demand app or click on the Tracking tab on the top navigation bar of the Beachbody On Demand website to get started.

There, you can log your workouts, meals, Shakeology, nutritionals, water intake, and weight.

Monitor your progress

You can now view a summary of your progress on the Tracking tab of the Beachbody On Demand website and app, in addition to accessing it from within each BODgroup you participate in.

Simply click on ‘My Progress’ within the Tracking tab to view a summary of your tracked activity for workouts and Shakeology, a graph with a visual representation of your weight and measurements over time, and all of your progress photos.

You can filter your tracked activity and results using various data ranges.

Share to BODgroups

Share your tracked activity and progress with your group community, and celebrate every win together! The path to results lies in the small things you do every day – so, track your daily activities, monitor your progress, and share to your BODgroups.

Track Settings on Web

Now you can set your start weight, goal weight, daily water goal, and meal plans, as well as change units of measurement (imperial or metric), on the Beachbody On Demand website.

Click on “Settings” on the Tracking tab to begin.

New to the Beachbody On Demand Member Library: 9 Week Control Freak!

9 Week Control Freak with Super Trainer Autumn Calabrese is now available in the member library. Take control and get game-changing results!

April 2021

“Jump Back In” 

View of Jump Back In feature

The homepage on the Beachbody On Demand website now features a “Jump Back In” section, which is already available on the BOD app.

You now have quick access to your recently viewed programs and easily jump back into the next video in your program.

Beachbody On Demand en Español

BOD Spanish site

We’re also excited to introduce the Beachbody On Demand Spanish site!

Now our Spanish-speaking BOD community can access a large selection of programs and videos that are dubbed and/or produced in Spanish, along with corresponding program materials.

Simply visit BeachbodyOnDemand.com, click on the flag at the top right of the screen and select “U.S.A. (Español)” from the dropdown menu!

March 2021

The BODgroups feed is now available on the web, in addition to the app!

Now you can post, comment, reply, encourage, and connect from whichever device you prefer.

Group participants can also access the Who’s Shared Today module to stay up to date, scroll through the Participant List to connect, and get group notifications on the web.

Users can also now track and share activities on the web and in the app. You can also select your measurement unit preferences right from the web view.

And if you’re ready for a new workout, then you’ll love this news: 30 Day Breakaway with Idalis Velazquez is now officially available in the Beachbody On Demand Member Library. Give it a try!

Idalis Velazquez running on a beach

February 2021

Meal Tracking is now available on iOS!

  • Meal tracking is moving from the Nutrition+ app to the Beachbody On Demand app.
  • You can now track all your activity in one place — the tracking tab on the BOD app. Your tracking history from the Nutrition+ app is now also available on the BOD app.
  • You can now track your daily meals using the Portion-Control Container system or the Plate It! method.
  • Owners of premium nutrition programs like 2B Mindset and Ultimate Portion Fix will also be able to log in and select their desired tracking system.

January 2021

Beachbody On Demand App homepage

New year, new homepage!

The home tab on the Beachbody On Demand App just got an upgrade with quick links to help you navigate easily. Now you can:

  • Jump right back into your current program
  • Scroll through your active BODgroups
  • Quickly log activity with tracking shortcuts

Press play and get your sweat on!

Speaking of BODgroups, we’ve got some new features there as well — now you can:

  • React to live videos
  • More emojis options
  • Access Beachbody Challenge links

Hit the ground running this year and make sure you dive into all that BODgroups has to offer!

December 22, 2020

BODgroups update!

Group Onboarding on Web: In addition to the app, you now have the option to join a group and go through the onboarding process on desktop web and mobile web.

We’ve also simplified the onboarding experience so you can join a group with just one click!

November 4, 2020

Hey BODgroups users — check out this new feature:

One-Way Direct Messaging: Get notified with the most up-to-date information from your Coach! Coaches can now reach out to you via one-way direct messaging on the BODgroups platform; to respond, simply reach out to your Coach via the contact information provided.

October 15, 2020

Now available: Search functionality is now available on Beachbody On Demand desktop and the Beachbody On Demand app!

You can quickly and easily search categories like programs, fitness videos, and recipes. Plus, added filters help you refine your search even further. Happy searching!

Search functionality

August 31, 2020: BODgroups updates

You spoke, we listened — since we launched BODgroups, we’ve been adding enhancements and improvements based on your input. We want BODgroups to work for you and help you succeed, so your feedback is invaluable!

Check out these new and exciting features on BODgroups:

Progress Tab: This new tab will allow you to view your goals, tracked activity, total results, and progress photos. You can filter your data easily by date range.

Members Shared Today: The ability to view all group members who have shared workout/Shakeology tracking that day at the top of the group feed.

Super Trainer Posts: Super Trainers and experts can now broadcast messages into groups that are associated with their programs if the Coach opts in for that feature.

Live Video: Coaches will now be able to broadcast live within their groups and participants can join, respond, and chat in real-time.

More exciting features are lined up for release throughout the year, so stay tuned! Learn more about BODgroups here.

June 30, 2020: BOD App Redesign

Below are the BOD app tech notes on what’s coming to the apps. As you can see, this update will make the app pretty similar to the web redesign.

We’ve completely redesigned the program browsing experience! Here are some of the things we’ve added:

  • Programs: Now organized by categories, making it easy to find the right program for you!
  • Categories: New categories include Most Popular, Nutrition, Weight Loss, Strength & Muscle, Lean & Sculpted, Cardio, Low Impact, Yoga, Dance, Pre/Post-Natal + Kids, Short Workouts, Rest & Recovery, and No-Equipment Required
  • Start Here: A new section within a program to easily learn about the program and get all the info and materials you need to get started.
  • Recipes: Now it’s easier to find recipes within Fixate and the Nutrition programs to help you cook healthy, delicious meals.

NOTE: The app must be updated in order to see the changes.

May 27, 2020: Team Beachbody in France

Team Beachbody has landed in France!

We’re launching in the market with our special Pre-Launch Pack, which includes Beachbody On Demand, Ultimate Portion Fix and 2B Mindset nutrition programs, Beachbody Performance Energize, BEACHBAR, and the Quick Start Eating Guide.

We also added a French-language page to the Beachbody On Demand Blog. You’ll find program announcements, recipes, as well as fitness, nutrition, weight-loss content, and more.

New Features on Beachbody On Demand

We launched some exciting new features on the desktop version of BeachbodyOnDemand.com!

Here are some of the updates you’ll see:

  • Programs from the Workout and Nutrition tabs have been combined so it will be easier than ever to find your favorite programs and discover new ones.
  • Program pages now include more details about what the program is about and the number of weeks and workouts.
  • Recipe videos got an upgrade and will now include the dietary information (i.e., Gluten-Free, Paleo-Friendly, etc.) as well as Ultimate Portion Fix container counts and 2B Mindset Plate It! information.
  • 2BMindset and Ultimate Portion Fix recipes now have icons so you’ll know at a glance which programs these recipes work well with. You can see food types, container portions, and the recipe PDF download link — all in one place!
  • Geolocation: Based on your location, the site will be in the native language (English/French) and videos will also be dubbed in that language without needing to do anything. If you want to change the language of the site, you can do so from the flag icon in the header.

April 26, 2020: BODgroups launch!

Woman facetiming with her fitness coach

BODgroups is our new community-based platform to help you stay motivated, accountable, and connected to reach your goals.

Join a group and you can stream Beachbody On Demand fitness and nutrition program videos, track your daily workouts and Shakeology intake, update your weight and measurements, as well as stay engaged with your Team Beachbody Coach and your virtual workout buddies — all in one place!

To get started, download the latest version of the Beachbody On Demand app. Once you’re logged in, click on the Groups icon from the bottom navigation and request to join a group that your Coach is running.

If you’re new to Beachbody, all you need to do is create a free Team Beachbody account, which will pair you with a Coach.

Learn more about BODgroups here.

Beachbody Nutrition App on Android

March 1, 2019: Nutrition Tracking Available on the Beachbody On Demand Android App

Nutrition tracking on the Beachbody On Demand Android app allows you to record your meals, water intake, daily Shakeology, and weight so you can easily stay on track with your goals.

You can track your meals using the portion-control system with Ultimate Portion Fix or through the Plate It! method with 2B Mindset.

Download the latest version of the app (V3.0.0 or later) to access.

January 31, 2019: Learn More About Your Coach in the New Personalized Coach Display

You can now learn more about your Team Beachbody Coach in the new “Personalized Coach Display” on the BeachbodyOnDemand.com homepage when you’re logged in.

As a Beachbody On Demand member, you have free access to your own personal Coach, who can provide the support, motivation, and encouragement you need to stay accountable to your health and fitness goals.

Pro tip: Learn how to become a Team Beachbody Coach here.

What's New on Beachbody On Demand

December 12: Modifier Track Available on BOD iOS Devices

The modifier option (available for select programs) has now been enabled on BOD iOS devices. When streaming a workout, select the ‘MOD’ option in the lower right screen to view the modifier.

Note: You must have the latest version of the BOD iOS to view this option.

 The modifier track is also available on desktop, Amazon Fire, Roku, and Android BOD devices.

What's New On Beachbody On Demand

December 4: Nutrition Tab Now Available on the Android Beachbody On Demand App

The Nutrition tab, which houses the 2B Mindset nutrition program, Shakeology channel, and FIXATE cooking show now appears on the Android Beachbody On Demand app. Learn more about the Nutrition tab in this FAQ.


What's New on Beachbody On Demand

November 14: Easily Contact Your Team Beachbody Coach With New Personalized Coach Banner

We’ve made it easier for you to stay connected with your Team Beachbody Coach!

When you’re logged into BeachbodyOnDemand.com (excludes the BOD blog and Community), you’ll see your Coach’s contact info at the top of the page, so you can reach out to them anytime you want help getting started with a program, advice, and tips to stay motivated, or to join their next Challenge Group.

Your Coach’s support can make all the difference in helping you stay accountable to achieving your health and fitness goals.

September 19, 2018: Additional Personalized Workout Stats Added to BOD Homepage

To give you more insights into your workout history, we’ve added two new stats to the Beachbody On Demand homepage: “Total Workouts” and “Average Workouts Per Week.” You must be logged in to view your personal stats.

August 20, 2018: 2B Mindset Now Available on Android, Roku, and FireTV

2B Mindset can now be streamed through the Android, Roku, and FireTV Beachbody On Demand apps, in addition to web browser and the Beachbody Nutrition+ App.

August 29, 2018: Removal of Challenge Du Jour

Due to low usage, we are removing the Challenge Du Jour from Beachbody On Demand on August 29, 2018. 

We regularly evaluate feedback from our members to enhance the BOD experience and found members prefer to select workouts or programs that align with their specific health and fitness goals, as opposed to following the Challenge Du Jour general schedule of workouts.

Beachbody On Demand has hundreds of workouts and more than 45 programs, with new content added on a regular basis!

Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, or just get healthier, there is a program on BOD for you.

If you need help choosing your next program, contact your Team Beachbody Coach. You’ll find your Coach’s contact information within the “My Account” page on TeamBeachbody.com – just use your Beachbody On Demand credentials to log in.

Note: You can still access any workout ever featured on the Challenge Du Jour on its associated program page.

August 2, 2018: Sync Your Workouts With My Challenge Tracker

If you are using the My Challenge Tracker app for your Challenge Group, we have some great news for you: It’s now even easier to track your Beachbody On Demand workouts within the app!

By enabling “Activity Syncing” in My Challenge Tracker settings, any time you complete at least 75 percent of a workout on Beachbody On Demand, it will be automatically logged on My Challenge Tracker.                                                    

You can turn on “Activity Syncing” within the settings section of your My Challenge Tracker app.

June 11, 2018: LIIFT4 & Mes de Más VIP Early Access Available for Purchase on Teambeachbody.com.
Start Streaming Today!

LIIFT4 and Mes de Más are now available in the Beachbody On Demand member library! LIIFT4 and Mes de Más product bundles include essential equipment and nutritionals for maximum results. 

 Joel Freeman LIIFT4

What is LIIFT4?

LIIFT4 is a no-nonsense combo of weightlifting and calorie-burning high-intensity (HIIT) cardio that helps you build lean muscle and burn fat in just 4 days a week for 8 weeks total.

The program features 32 unique workouts, 30-40 minutes a day, 4 days a week.

The workout moves are based on classic lifting techniques that let you isolate, stabilize and focus each rep on the muscle group you’re working.

What is Mes de Más?

Beachbody’s first Spanish-language program, Mes de Más, is a 4-week workout and nutrition program featuring one of the top Hispanic fitness trainers, Idalis Velazquez.

The program features 24 unique workouts, 30 minutes a day, 6 days a week.

Mes de Más is a practical solution to getting fit and staying healthy by adding more movement, more healthy foods, more water, and more sleep. 

May 29, 2018: New BEACHBODY Fire TV app

Amazon fire tv app

Features in the new Beachbody Fire TV app include:

  • Improved stability
  • Easier navigation to help you find your favorite programs even faster
  • Enhanced video features, such as access to workout modifiers in real-time without disrupting your workout
  • Closed captioning and multiple language audio tracks (when available)
  • A quick view of program details
  • Available on all Fire TV devices

May 2, 2018: Launch of Nutrition Tab on Beachbody On Demand

Beachbody On Demand Nutrition tab

  • The new Nutrition tab on Beachbody On Demand is now the home to the premium 2B Mindset nutrition program, plus a new Shakeology channel, and the FIXATE cooking show with Autumn Calabrese and her brother, Bobby.
  • All Beachbody On Demand members will have continued access to the FIXATE recipes, but you must purchase the 2B Mindset Program separately to access the 2B Mindset content.
  • The Shakeology channel is free to anyone and includes a variety of Shakeology content that explains what it is, recipes, and why it’s a daily habit that can help build the nutritional foundation for a healthier life.
  • Nutrition tab is only available on desktop and cannot be accessed using Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, or the iOS app.
  • Learn more about the Nutrition tab in this FAQ.