December Super Block: LIIFT MORE

December Super Block: LIIFT MORE

Ready to build MORE muscle in less time? Super Trainer Joel Freeman is back with his proven combo of classic weight training and fat-scorching HIIT to help you get MORE results in just 30 minutes a day.

Whether you want to get chiseled and lean or go heavy on the muscle, this Super Block helps get you there with simple, straightforward moves that pack on as much volume as possible. Mix in high-intensity interval training and finish every workout with a core burner, and you’re all set to build a truly defined physique in just 3 weeks.

So, what is a Super Block?

By now you’ve probably heard of BODi Blocks — 4 new programs that start on the first Monday of every month. Each Block features 5 workouts a week for 3 weeks, followed by an “UP Week” (which stands for Unconditional Progress) to reset and recover. A Super Block is when our Super Trainers remake one of their most popular programs in the BODi Block format. This is your chance to revisit your favorite programs, like LIIFT MORE, with new workouts, fresh playlists set to good music, and an entirely unique experience. It’s all about giving you more of what you love, plus a little push to help get you where you want to go.

Why are Blocks such a breakthrough?

They’re based on block periodization, a proven approach to exercise and recovery that challenges you without overtraining. It’s all about helping you create consistency with your Health Esteem routine. Your life is busy. Pretending you’re going to work out every day and never eat a cookie is silly. So, we’re ditching the perfection mindset and bringing you new programs every month that you can actually stick to because they work with real life. Really.

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Super Block Spotlight: LIIFT MORE with Joel Freeman

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The LIIFT MORE Super Block is Super Trainer Joel’s Freeman’s proven approach to weightlifting, now in shorter 30-minute workouts. You’ll increase the muscle-building volume and mix in high-intensity interval training but stick to simple, effective moves that help build muscle and scorch calories. This LIFT & HIIT approach is how you get lean and strong at the same time, and how you get MORE results in just 3 weeks.

What kinds of workouts can I expect?

You’ll hit the weights five days a week for about 30 minutes a day, focusing on getting as much volume as possible and targeting different muscle groups. Joel keeps things super-simple and straightforward, perfectly pacing each move and guiding you through each day’s dedicated area (chest, legs, back, MORE legs, shoulders/arms).

You’ll supercharge your metabolism when you mix in high-intensity interval training 2–3 days a week, and take your calorie scorching to the max with a sweat-soaked burnout on your LIFT days. Finish every workout with a core burner to lock in that midsection definition.

Want to save even MORE time? Try the short-but-powerful LIIFT Express workouts on your off days, or stack these 20-minute HIIT and core routines on top of your regular workout for an added challenge.

How is this evolving from the original program?

Joel showed you how to build a strong, defined physique in the original LIIFT4 and then pumped up the volume in the smash hit LIIFT MORE. Now he introduces some new moves but still sticks to his tried-and-true method in this Super Block to help bring you MORE results in way less time. Commit to 30 minutes a day for 3 weeks and see how fast you can build MORE muscle and define your entire bod.

Do I need any equipment?

You’ll need light, medium, and heavy dumbbells, so you can choose the right weight for the right move. Joel also incorporates an adjustable bench, a key piece of equipment that ups the intensity and makes the moves more effective. For added resistance, you can use optional Power Loops on some of the Leg days. An optional mat is also encouraged for more support

How Do I know if the LIIFT MORE Super Block is right for me?

This Super Block is made for you if you love to lift but don’t want to spend all day working out. If you’re a seasoned lifter, you’ll appreciate Joel’s balanced approach that targets every muscle group. And if you’re new to lifting weights, this Super Block eases you in with a no-nonsense approach and a 3-week schedule you can commit to.

What is recommended for healthy eating with this Super Block?

Nourish your body and accomplish your goals with one of our healthy eating plans, 2B Mindset or Portion Fix.

2B Mindset, created by Ilana Muhlstein, M.S., R.D.N., helps you achieve a healthy relationship with food while feeling more confident in your body.

Portion Fix, by fitness and nutrition expert Autumn Calabrese, uses color-coded containers to easily create perfectly balanced meals without counting calories or cutting food groups.

Get started with more than 1,000 delicious recipes on BODi to power your Super Block workouts.

When can I access the LIIFT MORE Super Block?

The LIIFT MORE Super Block begins Monday, December 4, 2023 — but it’s on sale now! You’ll be able to purchase this Super Block as long as you have an active BODi membership. Not a member yet? Sign up here.

How do I access Super Blocks?

There are a few ways you can unlock the LIIFT MORE Super Block, plus an additional Super Block, for free. For starters, you can purchase a Total-Solution Pack or Completion Pack (The Essentials Collection is the perfect choice to build your Health Esteem routine) in October or anytime after.

Or you can also access LIIFT MORE with your initial purchase of a qualifying nutrition subscription. With your Pack or initial nutrition purchase, you get to choose your free Super Blocks when you add to cart.

What if you already have a nutrition subscription? If you renew your qualifying subscription in November, you’ll unlock the LIIFT MORE Super Block for free.

What if you want just the standalone Super Block? You can access the LIIFT MORE Super Block for $29.

However you choose to unlock this Super Block, you need to have an active BODi membership in order to do so. Talk to your BODi Partner or click here for details.

‡ Click here for qualifying nutrition subscriptions.

Who is Joel Freeman?

Joel Freeman is an NASM-certified personal trainer and creator of top programs like LIIFT MORE, 10 Rounds, and LIIFT4. For 20 years, he’s helped people crush their fitness goals and unlock their athletic potential.

Don’t miss out on our last Super Block of the year and stay tuned for more exciting Super Block updates in 2024.

2023 Super Block Calendar

Want to know what’s coming up next? Check the Super Block Calendar below and take a look at the phenomenal trainers and hit programs we’ve lined up for you this year. Get ready to have fun and feel amazing with tons of variety that keeps you coming back every month!

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For Beginners Only Super Block

In the For Beginners Only Super Block, Lacee Green builds you up from your very first workout with expert cues and encouraging words to guide you safely and effectively through a range of exercises. As you progress into Week 2, she introduces more intensity — but still at your pace — with precise coaching in every move. You’ll build off these first weeks by taking all the movements you’ve learned and combining them in Week 3. FBO is for you if you need to learn exercise fundamentals and want to fast-track your progress, or if you’re getting back into fitness after a break. Now available on BODi.*

21 Day Fix Super Block

It’s everything you love about 21 Day Fix with Autumn Calabrese — now in a Super Block! The workouts are similar to 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Real Time. The moves are new, but the structure repeats over 3 weeks so you know what to expect. Autumn designed it so you’ll make progress each week as you gain confidence, push harder, increase your weights, and get stronger day by day. Now available on BODi.*

FOCUS T25 Super Block

The FOCUS T25 Super Block is 3 weeks of cardio, lower- and upper-body weighted and bodyweight moves, and dynamic core work that all intentionally progress week by week as you get stronger. The original FOCUS T25 pushed your limits in 3 cycles — Alpha, Beta, and Gamma — with 25 minutes of cardio and strength. Shaun T now brings you the Delta edition, taking that efficient formula and injecting plenty of fresh, dynamic moves (you’ll notice an uptick in weightlifting) while motivating you to reach for your personal best. And before each workout, blend up Shaun T’s Berrylicious Energize Cooler. Now available on BODi.*

Job 1 & Bike 1 Super Block

The Job 1 Super Block with Jennifer Jacobs is 3 weeks long, with 3 strength and 2 cardio workouts per week that are perfect for all fitness levels. You’ll start with targeted strength training, get sweaty and energized with all-out HIIT days, challenge every muscle with dumbbells and resistance loops, and do heart-pounding bodyweight moves with minimal rest. Finish every week with classic strength training and bodyweight intervals to help build muscle and endurance, and torch fat. Jennifer’s high-energy Bike 1 Super Block is a spin on the Job 1 concept: 20 minutes of work, 5 rides each week for 3 weeks. You’ll focus on endurance, strength, speed, and power using varying terrains and ride styles. Now available on BODi.* And make sure to try JJ’s Double Chocolate Protein Smoothie after your workouts!

Barre Blend Super Block

During this Super Block, you’ll do Elise’s specialized combination of strength and interval training, and barre workouts to target your entire body, especially your booty, legs, and core. Elise’s workouts are full of mindset-strengthening inspiration as well. Every workout’s theme is based on a different affirmation, and during the workout, Elise will pose thought-inspiring questions to help you become physically and mentally stronger. Now available on BODi.*

Morning Meltdown Super Block

Wake up to heart-pumping cardio and total-body metabolic conditioning 5 days a week, for less than 30 minutes a day with Jericho McMatthews. She incorporates HIIT-based cardio, core training, metabolic conditioning, and mixed martial arts in under 30-minute workouts. You’ll build strength to help keep up your energy levels all throughout the day. Now available on BODi.*

4 Weeks for Every Body Super Block

This Super Block will challenge you while going easy on your joints — with low-impact moves that fire up your muscles, and when paired with the right nutrition, help promote a healthy gut biome. To get the most out of your workouts and aid your gut health, you’ll want to follow Autumn’s nutrition program, The 4 Week Gut Protocol, which was designed to be done with 4 Weeks For Every Body. You’re going to love the simplicity of the 4 Weeks For Every Body Super Block. Each workout is 30 minutes (or less!) per day, 4 days a week, for 4 weeks. Now available on BODi.*

#mbf Super Block

Commit to showing up with your dumbbells and BOD Rope 5 days a week for the next 3 weeks with Super Trainer Megan Davies for this new spin on the lifting and cardio mix you know and love. Megan brings all-new moves, a fresh format once a week, and the perfect amount of recovery time in this can’t-miss Super Block. Now available on BODi.*

XB Pilates Super Block

Andrea Rogers is known for her high-energy, low-impact workouts and that’s what you get with this Super Block. She took the formats you loved from the original and updated the choreography, plus introduced two new workout formats to motivate Pilates newbies and experienced Reformer-lovers alike. It’s three weeks of workouts, five days per week, with an optional UP Week where you’ll take time to rest and recover. During UP Week, you can try Andrea’s Strength + Stretch workouts, which are perfect for aiding your recovery.

* To access Super Blocks, a BODi membership is required. For more info, talk to your BODi partner or click here for details.