Lisa Lost 39.5 Pounds with 21 Day Fix EXTREME

Lisa Lost 39.5 Pounds with 21 Day Fix EXTREME

After having her first child, Lisa H. wanted to become a fit and healthy mom. She began 21 Day Fix EXTREME, and lost 39.5 pounds after 8 rounds! Read on for her story in her own words:

“I saw an old friend (who then became my coach) post about a 21 Day Fix challenge group. I had a newborn at home and was so disgusted with myself, I knew this was my chance to make a change.

I had let myself go after my pregnancy. I was a mess postpartum. Pre-pregnancy, I was running and going to the gym. Post-pregnancy, I basically gave up. I was eating whatever I wanted because it seemed to make me feel better. Even when I thought I was eating healthy, I soon learned that I wasn’t.

My goal was to lose some of the weight I had gained during my pregnancy. I wasn’t able to even lift my son out of the bathtub without holding onto something, and even then, it was tough. I wanted to be able to become a fit and healthy mom!

The beginning was tough. I was out of shape and embarrassed at the way I looked! But I started to notice small changes after every week- I was becoming happier. More clothes were starting to fit. I was becoming more confident. I soon needed all new bras and workout pants, as I had to hold them up to workout!

I loved that the workouts are only 30 minutes. It was perfect to do at home, while my son slept soundly in his crib. I didn’t have to find a babysitter and drive to a gym, and I kept the baby monitor right next to the TV- talk about extra motivation! I like the combination of all of the types of workouts- cardio, plyometrics, pilates, yoga, upper, lower… I had never used a combination of all of these before starting 21 Day Fix EXTREME and I am so thankful I chose this program to start! I also found it very motivational, and loved that there was a modifier to follow during the very tough times in the beginning!

I loved working out with Autumn! I think I have every motivational quote she uses during the workouts memorized! It was easy to relate to her, being a mom herself. She helped me throw all of my excuses out the window, and let me know that despite what people say about not being able to shape a certain part of your body, (especially after a c-section!), you can do anything with hard work and dedication!

I reached my goal! It was an amazing feeling. I felt like a totally different person than when I began my journey! My goal was to lose all of the weight I had gained and get back to my pre-pregnancy weight, and I surpassed that goal and lost an extra 10 pounds! I celebrated by buying myself my first pair of size 6 jeans, along with an entire new wardrobe! I bought a new weight bench and started buying new pieces for my at-home workout space!

It’s a year later and I am still hearing compliments! People can see how truly happy and confident I am, and that makes me really happy. One of my favorites was when in September when the custodian at my school asked me where I went. I said, ‘Oh, I went to Nashville this summer.’ He said, ‘I’m not talking about vacation- I’m asking where the other half of you went!'”