21 Day Fix Results: Mom of Five Loses 20 Pounds

21 Day Fix Results: Mom of Five Loses 20 Pounds

Michelle K. is a mother to 5 boys (4 of them quadruplets!) who wanted to show her sons a healthy lifestyle. She decided to get in shape with 21 Day Fix, and after completing 3 rounds, lost 20 pounds and 26.25 inches. Here’s her inspiring story in her own words:

“Emotionally, I lacked confidence, not just how I looked, but I didn’t feel strong. I felt so strong in carrying quadruplet boys, and in being their mom (as well as to my older son), but I felt trapped in a body that carried the scars of all of the weight gain. While I was grateful to be able to make that sacrifice for them (it seemed trivial in comparison to their health), I did want to feel more like myself again. I found myself often hiding in photos and that made me sad. I also felt that I wasn’t showing my boys that I took care of myself. I want to instill this in them, not just the healthy eating habits and exercise, but I want them to give their wives (someday) and family the time and encouragement to be their best selves.

I chose the 21 Day Fix mainly because the portion control, combination of foods, timing, etc. all seemed like something I could benefit from. I often overate healthy foods or ate too much of one group. Reading more about it, the workouts seemed like something I could do and maintain. The maintain part was huge for me. I didn’t want to start a program that would be too difficult and fail out of the gate. I had made too many attempts and the Fix seemed to be all about balance, which is what I was craving.

My absolute favorite part about it is that it has given me freedom from my self-imposed limitations. My goal was to complete the first 21 days, and it was only in seeing results that I wanted to continue. I would get discouraged or be so hungry on previous programs, that I would not be able to see them through. I also did not need to make my food separately from my family’s. I could fix meals we all would enjoy. As I saw my progress during my second round I realized I am really doing this! It felt so good!

I learned not only about moderation, but how to pair my workouts etc. with a successful nutrition program. Losing and maintaining weight is so much about what I eat, as Autumn says “abs are made in the kitchen!” Initially I saw great results in my legs and arms, but my mid section continued to whittle away. Again, quite the feat after how stretched out my stomach was, and while I still have some separation in my muscles, that gap has closed and the planks and core work really helped pull my midsection in. I truly never thought I would see the definition in my body that I am seeing now.

I am also aware of balance especially in the area of my metabolism. Consistent nutrition, timing, etc. all play a role, so it’s not about dropping the 10 lbs quickly with a program I cannot maintain after it is lost. I was so adamant about not going down that path again. This program is truly life changing because it is one that can be maintained and incorporated into your life.

As for what I learned about myself, it has been my theme throughout, having my boys see their mom be healthy. I would spend so much time making sure their nutrition was balanced and full of healthy foods, and then just eat whatever I could quickly without thinking about my own nutrition. Shakeology has been a huge benefit there as well. I realized it is not selfish for my boys to see me take care of myself and develop their own lifelong habits not only for themselves, but to integrate them into their own families’ lives someday. God gave me my body not to be careless with, but to take care of and nurture. It has done amazing things in giving me my beautiful boys, and I need to in turn be grateful for all it has done and learn to be kind to myself.”

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