21 Day Fix Results: Kristy Changed Her Life and Lost 24 Pounds

21 Day Fix Results: Kristy Changed Her Life and Lost 24 Pounds

Kristy M. and her husband led an unhealthy life—but last year, her sister confronted her about her health, and she decided to make a change with 21 Day Fix. Read her story in her own words below, and get inspired for the New Year!

“Back in January of last year, my husband and I were unhealthy. I got winded going up the stairs too quickly. I struggled playing with my nieces and nephew when visiting them in Colorado due to the change in altitude and the stress on my lungs and muscles. I had high cholesterol and ate poorly, slept poorly, ate poorly, and lived poorly. I bought clothes as a shield. Their purpose was to cover my rolls and folds. I lacked confidence and happiness.

After visiting my sister and coach in late January 2014, she let me know that she loved me but she was worried about my health.  I hadn’t been on a scale in 6 months. Her courage was a wake-up call and made me step on a scale. I took my before photo that day and went downstairs to start doing something about my health. My husband decided to join me on the health journey. We made it a goal to get as fit as possible before leaving for our 40 day trip to Europe for the summer. We were intent on doing it the healthy way… healthy eating and exercise. I still didn’t know how to eat properly though. I expressed my issues with food knowledge to my coach. When 21 Day Fix was announced, she let me know that she had the solution I needed. I’m so very grateful… the 21 Day Fix has transformed my life.

The 21 Day Fix is revolutionary to a person who doesn’t know how to eat properly… and it teaches you visually how to balance a plate. Before starting the 21 Day Fix, I didn’t know how to eat. I didn’t understand portion sizes. I grew up in a household with a single, busy, working mother who was and is stick thin. Ease was all that was ever considered when our meals were made. It wasn’t until 21 Day Fix came into my life that food started becoming decipherable. 21 Day Fix is more than an exercise program… it’s a teaching tool. Thanks to 21 Day Fix, I now understand portion sizes… I now understand what to fuel my body with… I know now that you must have balance… I now understand how to balance.

I also really appreciated how there are people of varying fitness levels always visible on the exercise videos. I might have been discouraged about my fitness level, but I always had the modifier there to help me know what to do. I always strived to match Autumn, but I was never lost due to Kat’s presence.

My proudest achievement is my new commitment to living a healthy life. I didn’t do the system and stop. I’ve been adapting it into my life. I’ve kept going. I’ve continued using the 21 Day Fix nutrition plan and exercises. My husband and I went to Europe as a healthy couple. We were able to go on hikes that I never could have done before. We were able to backpack and carry our packs from the train station to our lodging for long stretches of time without getting winded. We were able to go and do things without reservation about our physicality holding us back. I had high cholesterol before beginning the program. My labs are now impeccable. I was able to qualify for a new life insurance policy at the best rates.

People shockingly now look to me for fitness advice. I never thought I would inspire people to start their own health journey. I can easily breathe when completing tasks like hiking or going up the stairs. I can feel muscles where I never had any before. Clothes are no longer protective armor… I can shop in stores that previously didn’t have sizes that fit me. Aesthetically, one of my biggest shocks stares me straight in the face. My cheeks were so large before that you couldn’t see my ears when you looked at me. Now, when I look in the mirror, I can see my ears. I’m a remodeled version of myself… healthier with renewed confidence. The biggest proof that I’ve changed… I’ve submitted photos where you can see my abdomen. I’m now okay with showing the world the surgical scar that I’ve hidden for the last 31 years. As I shrunk, it shrunk too and the significance I placed upon it has diminished as I gained pride in the hard work I’ve put into shaping a healthier me.

21 Day Fix has transformed my life. I’ve always been ashamed of my body…always hid my surgical scar. I now am more fit as a 32 year old than I was as a freshman in high school. I wear a smaller pants size and a brighter smile. Clothes aren’t a shield anymore. I have learned that I can be athletic.  I can be healthy.  I can make good life choices.  I didn’t need to have an athletic predisposition to be successful with the 21 Day Fix.  I just had to try.  I didn’t have to enjoy sweating or working out.  I just had to commit.  I can see results everywhere honestly, but my face and stomach are probably the most drastic transformations.

I am constantly using the 21 Day Fix nutrition and workouts as part of my weekly routine.  I’ve just bumped up my containers to maintenance mode. I’m excited to try out 21 Day Fix Extreme when it comes out!”

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