21 Day Fix EXTREME Results: Nadelyn Lost 11 Pounds

21 Day Fix EXTREME Results: Nadelyn Lost 11 Pounds

Finding time in your schedule to work out can be hard. Nadelyn, a mom of two and a nurse, could hardly find time for herself. But when she felt her weight starting to creep up on her, she made a commitment to herself to carve out 30-minutes a day with 21 Day Fix EXTREME. She completed two rounds and lost 11 pounds! Here’s how she did it, in her own words:

I am a nurse manager and mother of two. I have a very busy schedule and no time to myself. Over the course of last year, I noticed I had gained a lot of weight. I decided to take control and needed something to get me into shape that could fit into my busy schedule. I tried 21 Day Fix EXTREME and loved it. I have never been a fan of working out, but the variety of workouts and resistance band moves were very easy to follow, even for a beginner like me.

My fitness level was a zero. I never worked out ever and I was eating very poorly. With my busy schedule I would skip meals and then just eat one huge unhealthy meal at the end of the day.

I wanted to really make a lifestyle change. I have tried so many quick fix diets and always gained the weight right back. I wanted to lose weight and learn how to eat right. I love that the program is very easy to follow and taught me both. It has taught me to plan my day and my meals, and also take my fitness to another level.

I like that it is very easy to follow; even a beginner like me can keep up. I also like that it is only 30 minutes a day. The eating plan has changed my life. The portion control containers teach you how to portion your meals even when eating out. I love Autumn’s positive attitude and encouraging words. It felt like I was working out with my best friend.

I lost 11 pounds after two rounds. I feel great: I have more energy and sleep better. I have learned how to eat clean and I am able to portion my foods even when I am eating out. When I go to meetings, I plan my meals ahead and bring healthy snacks. I have seen results not only with myself, but my family is eating healthier; even my co-workers are inspired to bring healthy meals to meetings.

I will definitely continue using the containers and continue doing rounds of 21 Day Fix EXTREME. This program is now a part of my life. Pushing play is now a vital part of my day, like brushing my teeth. No matter how busy my day is, I make time to plan my meals and push play.


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