T. Rex Shows You How NOT to Do Bicep Curls

T. Rex Shows You How NOT to Do Bicep Curls

Here at Beachbody, we believe that fitness is for everyone. Are you brand new to working out? Try something like 21 Day Fix, CIZE, or the upcoming Country Heat program! Want to get totally ripped? Then Body Beast, P90X, or The Master’s Hammer and Chisel is for you. There’s a program right for everyone.

Including dinosaurs such as T. Rex, king of the Cretaceous period. That’s right, even those short-armed fellas knew how to get their swole on.

This week, we had a very special visitor at Beachbody HQ when She-Rex came in to pump some iron. Ms. Rex was a bit camera-shy at first, but we caught some rare footage of her working on her arms. They might be tiny, but they sure are strong!

It’s a good thing that T. Rexes have a strong back and a tail for stability, because her version of bicep curls is a little, um, wrong. Any human who does curls by swinging their body back and forth will probably throw out their back before they get buff biceps.

To do a proper bicep curl, you should stand tall with your feet hip-width apart holding a pair of dumbbells by your sides. “Keeping your elbows tucked and without moving your upper arms, curl the weights toward your shoulders,” says Trevor Theime, C.S.C.S., Beachbody’s Fitness and Nutrition Content Manager. “The only parts of your body that should be moving are your lower arms.”

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Despite She-Rex’s less-than-perfect form (she’s a dinosaur, so we’ll cut her some slack), we were so pleased to see that she re-racked her weights! What a responsible T. Rex.

After She-Rex left the gym, she was still running high on those exercise-induced endorphins and busted out a few dance moves. Considering my close proximity with one of my most famous ancestors (I mean my last name is Rex), I just had to get more footage before she disappeared into the elevator.

All I’m saying is, I sure am glad I wasn’t around when she hit that post-workout hunger phase. A dinosaur of that size would need to eat a lot of Recover to be satisfied and I still had to do my work out for the day.