Cucumber Hummus Roll-Ups

Cucumber Hummus Roll-Ups

If you’re committed to a healthy lifestyle and clean eating, having a wealth of healthy snacks at the ready is paramount.

Cucumbers are a great way to work in those greens and these Cucumber Hummus Roll-Ups are the perfect mid-day pick-me-up to carry you through until supper.

And if you struggle to get your kids to eat greens and other veggies, this is a great little recipe to have in your back pocket.

With four rolls per serving, these Cucumber Hummus Roll-Ups make hearty after-school snacks and are tons of fun to eat.

You won’t have trouble getting the kids to help out either — this is a great recipe for little ones to participate in because just about anyone can roll them up.

Autumn Calabrese and her brother, chef Bobby Calabrese show us how quick and simple this recipe is to prepare on their healthy cooking show FIXATE.

Like a Mediterranean sushi roll, these cucumber rolls make great hors-d’oeuvres and plate beautifully. Roasted red peppers add a pop of color and punch up that Mediterranean flavor profile big time.

You can roast your own red peppers if you’d like (There’s a FIXATE episode for that too!). But if you’re in the mood to keep things simple buy your peppers roasted, just make sure the only ingredient listed on the label is roasted red peppers.

As a fun finger food or colorful party platter for your next pot-luck, these Cucumber Hummus Roll-Ups are a healthy snack the whole family can enjoy.

To get the recipe and find out the Container Equivalents and nutritional information, watch the FIXATE episode on Beachbody On Demand!