7 Genius Breakfast Taco Fillings

7 Genius Breakfast Taco Fillings

Ask any taco lover from San Antonio or Austin, “Who invented the breakfast taco?” and you could very well spark the next Battle of the Alamo: The San Antonian will give credit to their city, just as the Austinite will hold fast that the city’s Mexican immigrants came up with the idea.

As the debate rages on, there is a universal truth that taco and Tex-Mex loving folk in any city can agree on: Taco Bell is abysmal roadkill.

And while the dispute over the breakfast taco’s origins may never be resolved, what constitutes “original” or “traditional” ingredients can get murky, too. For argument’s sake, let’s go with scrambled eggs, meat (chorizo or bacon), and cheese, all wrapped in a warm tortilla. (Potatoes and corn tortillas are also common).

7 Ingenious Breakfast Taco Fillings

Whatever you put into them, it’s a no-brainer why they’re so popular: They’re delicious, easy to make, and versatile. You want to lose the tortilla and wrap your collection of food in a whole-wheat pancake or waffle? Go for it. Not in the mood for meat? Go fish. Lactose intolerant? No cheese for you! The world is your oyster… or tortilla. Here are some ingenious ideas for when you get a hankering:

1. For Your Sweet Tooth…

Add sliced peaches and gobs of low-free Greek yogurt to a whole-wheat tortilla. Drizzle raw honey over the top and then add cinnamon to taste. (Yeah, we’re aware that this isn’t your traditional breakfast taco, but we’re making the rules.)

2. For When You Have a Lonely Avocado Left…

If you’re witness to a lonely avocado morphing into a ball of mush, don’t toss it. Slice it open, make divots in the center, add eggs, and toss it into the oven for 10-15 minutes.

And keep the yolk in. Eating yolks probably won’t negatively affect your health; research shows that “moderate egg consumption” can be part of a balanced diet.

3. For the Mad Spice Chemists…

Rummage through your spice cabinet for turmeric. Mix it with cumin, paprika, cayenne pepper, onion powder and garlic powder and you can add boost of flavor to any boring chicken, turkey, or egg-filled b-fast taco.

7 Ingenious Breakfast Taco Fillings

4. For Pescatarians…

Everyone loves a fish taco, but there are lots of other fish in the sea: Next time you have leftover salmon swimming around your fridge, catch and release it into an egg-stuffed tortilla with veggies for a super healthy break-fish taco. Bonus points if you remember to bring home wild Alaskan salmon, which provides more than 30 grams of protein per six-ounce serving. Not a salmon fan? Try these spicy shrimp tacos. Or fish tacos with fresh mango-avocado salsa.

5. For Breakfast Pizza Eaters…

Don’t allow the leftover salsa from your Sunday football platter to go to waste; use it as a base layer for a breakfast taco, tostada, or chalupa. Then add cheese, turkey bacon, or tofu, and salt and pepper (optional) to taste.

6. For Fruit Fanatics…

Slather a layer of almond or peanut butter on a buckwheat pancake “taco” or fill a whole-wheat tortilla with strawberries and blueberries. Or combine tropical fruits like mango and pineapple with low-fat cottage cheese. A recent study found that people who ate breakfast and had a diet higher in fiber (read: fruits and veggies) were happier than those with diets lower in fiber.

7. For Forgiving Gardeners…

The USDA classifies purslane as a noxious weed, but the plant is a unique substitution if you’re tired of the same old field greens or kale. One serving of cooked purslane comes with a slightly bitter taste, nearly two grams of protein, and doses of vitamins A and C. Combine with jalapeno, eggs, and onions, and voila — a healthy green taco.

Bottom line: With a little creativity, you could have breakfast tacos 365 days in a row and not have the same one twice. Mix and match your ingredients, sub some in/out, or just wrap last night’s leftovers in a tortilla and go to town — you really can’t go wrong with a breakfast taco.