19 Things You Don’t Know About Shaun T

19 Things You Don’t Know About Shaun T

If you’ve ever made it through any of Shaun T’s Beachbody On Demand programs, like INSANITY,  T25Transform :20, you know what he’s like: full of energy, motivating, relentless, and all-around awe-inspiring.

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But do you really know Shaun T? We got the chance to sit down with him and get answers to some of our burning questions.

Check out Shaun T’s idea of a perfect meal, his guilty pleasures, and what got him to where he is today!

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What You Don’t Know About Me … By Shaun T:

1. My favorite food: French fries.

2. My least favorite food: Raw vegetables.

3. My idea of a perfect meal: My healthy perfect meal is sweet potatoes, pork chops, more sweet potatoes, and either spinach or asparagus. My fun unperfect meal is French fries, a Philly cheesesteak with fried onions, salt, pepper, mayo, and ketchup. Oh. My. Gosh.

4. What motivates me when I’m not in the mood to work out or eat healthy: Rest motivates me. 

5. My guilty pleasure: I never feel guilty about anything, really, but… horror movies, amusement parks, and funnel cake.

6. One thing I’m really good at: I’m very creative.

7. One thing I’m really bad at: Acting.

8. How I clear my head after a crappy day: Go to a spa.

9. The song (or type of music) that always puts me in a good mood: (Breaks into song…”Oh, I wanna dance with somebody/I wanna feel the heat.”) Mmmm…Whitney Houston does it every time!

10. The talent I would most like to have: Acting.

11. Who I admire and why: Serena Williams because she’s amazing. She’s defied so many different odds.

12. The qualities I most admire in someone: Honesty, which in my terms is keeping it real, and authenticity.

13. The things I most value in my friends: Loyalty, loyalty, loyalty.

14. Three qualities that have gotten me to where I am today: Authenticity, flexibility, and honesty.

15. The change I’d like to see in my industry: I would like to see more authenticity, less about the body and more about the mind.

16. The best advice I’ve ever gotten: My grandfather always told me to strive to be in peak physical condition.

17. The best advice I could give someone: Just be 100 percent authentic to who you are.

18. My greatest achievement is: I think my greatest achievement so far for me was being recognized as a distinguished alumni at my university [Rowan University], because that’s kind of major.

19. My idea of a perfect day: Get up, have coffee, play tennis, eat lunch, work out, get a massage, go to the movies, and then go to bed by 8:30pm.

P.S. Shaun, you can add “singing” to #6!