Quick and Efficient Workouts Under 30 Minutes

Quick and Efficient Workouts Under 30 Minutes

We all know there aren’t enough hours in the day, but that’s no excuse to skip a sweat session. You can get plenty accomplished with a 30-minute workout, trust us — we designed them (and tried them!).

If you’re reading this, you’re probably pressed for time, so without further ado, here are a few of our quickest and most efficient workouts under 30 minutes — we’ve even got some 10-minute routines.


30-Minute Workouts

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21 Day Fix Workouts Under 30 Minutes 30 minute workout

21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix EXTREME

Sculpt a strong, lean physique in 30 minutes with 21 Day Fix, featuring Super Trainer Autumn Calabrese. These easy-to-follow routines — including the Dirty 30 workout — use dumbbells and resistance bands to provide an efficient, full-body challenge every time. If you’re already pretty fit, try 21 Day Fix EXTREME, which revs up each move for greater intensity. Try 21 Day Fix now.


You might not make it the full 30 minutes of this intense cardio routine your first time out — but that’s the point. With INSANITY MAX:30 by Super Trainer Shaun T, you’ll jump, crunch, and burpee those calories off as you find your max — and then blow right past it. Bonus time saver: There’s no equipment required; you can literally do this one anywhere. Start INSANITY MAX:30 now.


Yep, there’s a half-hour version of P90X — P90X3! Super Trainer Tony Horton gets you extreme results in just a 30-minute workout with an eclectic mix of routines that use chin-up bars, resistance bands, dumbbells, and sometimes no equipment at all. If you’re looking for an intermediate t0 advanced challenge in a short amount of time, try P90X3 now.

Beachbody On Demand has tons more 30-minute workouts! Check out the rest of our programs here.


25-Minute Workouts

Focus T25 Workouts Under 30 Minutes 30 minute workout


Incinerate calories with another one of Shaun T’s fierce cardio programs, FOCUS T25. These short, intense workouts that occasionally require weights or resistance bands get you in and out in 25 minutes (hence, the program’s name), and are designed to maximize fat loss. How, you ask? NO REST. Try FOCUS T25 now.

22 Minute Hard Corps

If you’ve got 25 minutes, you’ve definitely got 22. This basic-training-inspired program uses military drills for simple, highly effective cardio and resistance workouts designed to burn fat and get you in fighting shape. Plus, it comes from Tony Horton, the same trainer who created P90X, so you can be sure that you’ve got your work cut out for you. Lastly, you’ll need pull-up bars (or resistance bands) and dumbbells (or sandbags) for this one. Try 22 Minute Hard Corps now.


TurboFire is a super-intense cardio program from Super Trainer Chalene Johnson, with workouts ranging between 10 and 60 minutes. We recommend the program’s HIIT (high-intensity training) workouts, including HIIT 20 and HIIT 25, and upper- and lower-body workouts Upper 20 and Lower 20. Check out TurboFire for a complete list of 25-minute or less workouts, and get your heart ready to race.


15-Minute Workouts

10 Minute Trainer Workouts Under 30 Minutes 30 minute workout

10-Minute Trainer

You’ll be surprised at the results you can get in just 10 minutes a day. Work your legs, arms, core, shoulders, back, chest, heart, and lungs with total-body workouts that last just a little longer than it takes your coffee to brew. It’s not easy, but it’s designed to get you great results. Try 10-Minute Trainer now.

Great Body Guaranteed!

Five power-packed workouts from trainers Tony Horton and Debbie Siebers — all under 11 minutes. This Beachbody Classic was created to slim and tone your thighs and arms, define your abs and butt, and teach you how to stretch it all out in the time it takes to boil pasta. The perfect pre-dinner workout. Try Great Body Guaranteed! now.

Total Body Solution

Get down to basics with Total Body Solution. Four of the program’s five workouts are under 15 minutes, focusing on neck, shoulders, core, and knees. Not only does it provide cardio conditioning, but it also focuses on relieving and preventing pain. Try Total Body Solution now.