Daily Affirmations to Say to Yourself Every Day

Daily Affirmations to Say to Yourself Every Day

Did this year totally kick your butt? Are you feeling out of control, anxious, or overwhelmed?

You’re not the only one!

Many of us are feeling the mental effects of this year’s unforeseen challenges.

When life is extra-unpredictable, maintaining a sense of control is key.

Daily affirmations are one easy way to cultivate that sense of control, so you feel like you can handle any challenge life throws your way.

“By repeating a more positive and compassionate affirmation, we are literally rewiring our brains,” says Christine Scott-Hudson, MA, LMFT, ATR, author of I LOVE MYSELF: Affirmations for a Happy Life and owner of Create Your Life Studio.

Daily affirmations can help you stand up to intrusive critical thoughts and replace them with empowering and helpful beliefs, Scott-Hudson adds.

Research suggests daily affirmations may also help to buffer stress (and we all could use a stress buffer right now!) and improve your attitude toward physical activity.

Here are 9 daily affirmations that can help you take control, tackle challenges, and keep going when you feel like giving up.

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1. “I Love Myself”

This simple affirmation is so important, because healthier habits start with self-love.

If you remind yourself that you love and care for your body, mind, and soul, you’ll feel inspired and motivated to make good choices each day — like working out, eating healthy, and practicing self-care.

2. “I Believe in Myself”

“Many people want validation and encouragement from other people around them, when in fact they are the ones that must give themselves these things,” says Valentina Dragomir, psychotherapist and founder of PsihoSensus.

“Say this positive affirmation like you would say it to a friend. You deserve to believe in yourself,” she adds.

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3. “I Can Make Healthy Choices”

Your power is in your choices. Choose the yoga class, choose the veggies, choose the 10-minute walk in between meetings.

Remind yourself that a healthy lifestyle is in your hands with these words of affirmation.

4. “I Can Do This”

When you catch yourself engaging in discouraging self-talk, replace it with this mantra.

“Write your positive affirmation on a Post-It note and put it on your bathroom mirror,” says Hudson. “That way, you’re constantly reminded that you can do anything you set your mind to.”

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5. “I Am Strong and Capable”

Remember that 5K you thought you couldn’t complete? Remember those extra holiday pounds you thought for sure you’d gain…but deftly sidestepped?

Remind yourself that you’ve already overcome plenty of obstacles, and you’ll continue to be strong and rack up the accomplishments.

6. “I Deserve to Tell Myself Good and Positive Things”

“Many of us struggle with self-criticism, believing that it is a realistic perspective that sparks motivation,” says Dragomir.

But shame isn’t exactly the best cheerleader. This affirmation is a great reminder that you deserve to hear words of encouragement and support — including from yourself!

7. “I Am Good Enough”

While you’re striving to get stronger, healthier, and calmer, don’t forget to appreciate who you are in the present moment.

This affirmation “can help relieve some stress and perfectionism,” says Dragomir. “Being good enough does not mean to be perfect.”

8. “I Am Not Afraid of Challenges”

This affirmation can apply to bucket-list fitness goals — but it also applies to smaller steps outside your comfort zone, like trying a new recipe or tackling a new workout.

“Sometimes we might miss great opportunities if we are led by fear,” Dragomir says. “This affirmation helps by allowing you to stay open and accept the things that come your way.”

9. “I Can Achieve Greatness”

Use this daily affirmation as a reminder to stay focused and consistent.

With hard work, consistency, and dedication, you can achieve any healthy goals you set for yourself.