Master Primal Movement With CHOP WOOD CARRY WATER by Amoila Cesar

Master Primal Movement With CHOP WOOD CARRY WATER by Amoila Cesar

If you want your body to respond to whatever your mind can imagine, you need to get grounded, get strong, and master the primal movements.

Super Trainer Amoila Cesar brought you a new level of intensity with his breakthrough hit 6 Weeks of THE WORK, and then made you strong and flexible like the professional athletes he trains with his follow-up program 645.

Now he’s created a program that does all of that in just one collection of workouts on BODi — CHOP WOOD CARRY WATER.

You’ve never seen a program like this before, designed to help you create newfound agility that you can take with you into other workouts and everyday life.

Come for the simple practice and strength training designed to help build strength and joint mobility. Stay to master the primal movements that can help change the way your body moves and feels.

When you commit and trust the process, you may just feel like you’ve found your fountain of youth.


CHOP WOOD CARRY WATER is a revolutionary combination of functional strength training plus primal movement on the BODi platform that helps you gain strength and mobility to foster a better mind-body connection.

In this 20-workout collection, you’ll focus on strength training, metabolic conditioning, primal movement, and recovery. Some of the 25- to 40-minute workouts will target specific muscle groups and others will be full-body focused.

Amoila knows that everyone has different starting points, goals, and lifestyles, so he is creating three calendars that let you work out 4, 5, or 6 times a week. Based on the calendar you choose, the program will take 4-5 weeks. Choose the option that works for you and go at your own pace.

With focused consistency and patient repetition, you’ll master the movements and see how powerful you can become. And you’ll never want to stop.

Chop wood, carry water reminds us to trust the process, and take responsibility for ourselves. We chop the wood and carry the water, so that we can build fire for warmth and prepare food or drink.

What Kinds of Workouts Can I Expect?

Get ready for a mix of functional strength training and primal movements.

The primal movements are the thread. You’ll repeat them in each warm-up and cooldown, building up to a final Primal Movement Flow before you repeat the 20-workout cycle. And you can absolutely expect to lift.

There will be 4 different workout formats that will rotate week by week: Tempo Strength, Hot Start, EMOM Circuit, and Burnout.

And a MixMet — a full-body Metcon challenge that uses a format called “Alphabet Soup” where you have 5 exercises you do in 4–6 minutes (4 volumes) and then change the order each consecutive set.

You’ll work through some sequences targeting specific muscle groups and on other days you’ll tackle total-body work.

Finally, there will be 3 recovery workouts that will focus on Primal Movement Activation, Joint Mobilization, and Full Body Foam Rolling.

Amoila keeps up the pace as you work toward mastering functional moves that build mobility and strength.

What Is Primal Movement?

chop wood carry water amoila cesar dumbbell squat

Primal movement is ground-based, bodyweight movement in which you flow from one position to another, opening your body and using stabilizing muscles to help improve flexibility, mobility, and stability as you go.

The basic forms are known as the ABCs: Ape, Beast, and Crab, along with their variations. It’s often called “movement meditation” because it requires concentration. But you’ll love how light, agile, and strong it makes you feel.

CHOP WOOD CARRY WATER will help you build strength, improve agility and mobility, and ultimately change the way your body moves and feels.

The mix of movements and workouts, plus the focus and concentration required, will help foster a stronger mind-body connection.

What Does Primal Movement Mean to Amoila?

For Amoila, these are the movement essentials that allow him to get up every day and be disciplined in the work he wants to do while honoring and listening to his body.

After three years of animal flow practice, Amoila says he feels more connected to his body and has enjoyed more focus and clarity.

CHOP WOOD CARRY WATER represents the habits and rituals on which he centers his day: the repetition, the pursuit of mastery, and never giving up on himself.

Amoila wants you to experience all these benefits because you, too, are your habits and rituals — they are what provide the foundation of your days.

There will be ups and downs in life, but CHOP WOOD CARRY WATER represents the idea that as long as you have principles you can stand on, you’ll always go in the direction you want.

Show up, every day, and be the best you can be.


If you want to increase your strength and mobility, then yes! Imagine bench-pressing your kids, easily carrying your suitcase up a flight of stairs, and moving through your day with ease.

All levels are welcome in CHOP WOOD CARRY WATER and there will be a modifier in each workout to meet you where you are and help you build toward mastering the moves.

How Will It Help Me Meet Different Goals?

Master functional moves and discover new power within yourself. The continual practice will help strengthen you both physically and mentally as you build the habits and rituals of your day-to-day.

By the end, whether you start the collection again or go back to your favorite workouts, you’ll relish how your body handles the movements with increasing ease.

What Equipment Do I Need?

You’ll need light, medium, and heavy dumbbells so that you can choose the best weight for each muscle group and within each lifting session.

You might also want to have a towel and mat around and keep a foam roller handy for one of your recovery workouts.

How Can I Access Xtend Barre?

Now, you have two purchase options:

  1. Buy CHOP WOOD CARRY WATER as a Digital Purchase for $59.95 ($69.95 CAD, £59.95 GBP, €69,95 EUR), and stream the program on BODi (with or without a subscription) OR
  2. You can get a BODi Subscription for $179 ($215 CAD, £179 GBP, €206 EUR) and stream CHOP WOOD CARRY WATER — along with everything else on BODi — free from your library.

Looking to get a Total-Solution Pack? Buying a Total-Solution Pack gives you an annual BODi subscription with 125+ programs in your library, plus supplies of Shakeology and Beachbody Performance supplements. You can also buy the $99 BODi + Shakeology Monthly Pack (only available in US & Canada).

How Does Nutrition Fit In?

Complete your Health Esteem routine with one of our healthy eating plans, 2B Mindset or Portion Fix. Simple and satisfying, no deprivation, with thousands of delicious recipes.

Also, be sure to browse our supplements: Energize is a great way to gear up for your workout and Shakeology is the superfood shake you’ll want to enjoy between sessions.

Who Is Amoila Cesar?

You know Super Trainer Amoila Cesar from the ever-popular BODi programs 6 Weeks of THE WORK4 Weeks of THE PREP, and 645.

Amoila received his bachelor’s degree in exercise science with a minor in psychology from the University of Central Florida. He’s a NASM and NCCPT certified personal trainer and is one of the world’s top celebrity strength-conditioning coaches.

He’s led millions worldwide, from professional athletes, A-list celebrities, and CEOs to mothers, entrepreneurs, and more through their fitness journey.

Name-drop? Sure. Amoila has worked with the likes of 2 Chainz, August Alsina, Jack Osbourne, Merle Dandridge, Taylor Fritz, and NBA superstars including Julius Randle, DeMarcus Cousins, Jordan Clarkson, Elfrid Payton, Kevon Looney, Patrick Patterson, and Bobby Portis.