Get Inspired By These Barre Blend Shakeology Recipes

Get Inspired By These Barre Blend Shakeology Recipes

If you’re an Elise Joan fan, you know first-hand how inspiring and motivating she is throughout Barre Blend.

In fact, she’s so inspiring that we created these gorgeous Barre Blend Shakeology recipes to complement the “I AM” Daily Motivation Cards that are a key part of the workouts.

So, make these shakes and get ready to feel Empowered, Ambitious, Limitless, Fearless, Extraordinary, and Powerful!

Barre Blend Shakeology Recipes

1. Barre Blend Signature Shake

Barre Blend shakeology ingredients

This delicious shake is Super Trainer Elise Joan’s go-to shake and with good reason.

Her signature shake includes all the good things — spinach, cauliflower rice, Café Latte Shakeology AND Chocolate Shakeology, Collagen Boost, Digestive Health, almond butter, and organic soy milk.

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2. Empowered Green Shakeology

green shakeology in a cup

Give your superpowers a boost with this Empowered Green Shakeology as part of your healthy breakfast or an afternoon snack.

This vibrant green smoothie recipe is powered by Vanilla Shakeleology, spinach, banana, almond milk, and ice — that’s it!

Five ingredients and you’ll feel powerful enough to crush any goal.

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3. Ambitious Strawberry Orange Shakeology

Shakeology smoothie ingredients

If your ambition is to kick junk food to the curb and start eating nutritious food to fuel your body, then blend up this Ambitious Strawberry Orange Shakeology smoothie to kickstart a new daily habit.

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4. Limitless Blueberry Blackberry Shakeology

blueberry smoothie ingredients

Give all your self-imposed limits the heave-ho with this berry-filled smoothie. Juicy blackberries, blueberries, Vanilla Shakeology blend up into a gorgeous, creamy, sweet/tart smoothie.

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5. Fearless Strawberries and Cream Shakeology

pink smoothie in a glass

Shake off your fears with this Insta-ready pink shake recipe! It’s easy to make and fearlessly flavorful, with juicy strawberries, almond butter, and creamy Vanilla Shakeology.

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6. Berry Extraordinary Shakeology

berry shakeology ingredients in shaker cup

Our Berry Extraordinary Shakeology is bursting with two kinds of berries, plus Strawberry Shakeology.  They all combine for a gorgeous smoothie that explodes with extraordinarily berry-licious flavors!

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7. Powerful Blueberry Banana Shakeology

Shakeology poderoso de plátano y arándanos

Daily positive actions like working out and eating wholesome, nourishing foods are a great way to feel powerful.

Our Powerful Blueberry Banana Shakeology is definitely a positive way to start your day. It stars flavorful blueberries, spinach, creamy banana, and of course, Café Latte Shakeology.

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These delicious Shakeology recipes were inspired by Barre Blend, but they complement any BODi program!

Pro tip: Haven’t decided which Shakeology flavor* is your favorite? Get a bag (or two!) here and make more Shakeology recipes.

*Not all Shakeology flavors may be available in your market.

array of colorful smoothies in glasses