Make Your Butt Bigger in 7 Moves With Autumn Calabrese (Video)

Make Your Butt Bigger in 7 Moves With Autumn Calabrese (Video)

This is an awesome booty workout that uses some fun and different equipment. Try these 7 moves in 7 minutes to make your butt bigger.


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Do all seven moves below as a circuit, resting minimally between moves. Perform three rounds.

For more moves like these, see the 21 Day Fix Dirty 30 and LOWER FIX.


One Legged Plié Slide (00:52)

Stand in first position—heels together, toes turned out, back straight—on two Valslides (plastic pads that work like furniture sliders).

• Slide your right foot out to second position—legs wide, toes out.

• Squat deeply, keeping your torso as upright as you can.

• Stand, sliding back to first position.

• Repeat the move with your left foot.

• Continue alternating for a total of 10 reps.

No Valslides? Small towels work too, on a hardwood or linoleum floor.


Back Slide Lunge with Kettlebell (1:35)

Stand with your right foot on a Valslide (or towel), holding a kettlebell in your right hand at arms length by your side.

• With your torso upright, slide your right foot back 2-3 feet, bending both knees, until your right knee is 2-3 inches from the floor.

• Slide the right foot forward, returning to standing.

• Repeat for 10 reps on the right, then place the kettlebell in your left hand and the Valslide under your left foot.

• Perform 10 reps on the other side.

No kettlebell? A dumbbell works too.


Heel Drop Abductor Lift (2:56)

• Place your right foot onto a box, bench, or high step, with the inside edge of your foot parallel to the edge of the platform.

• Step onto the box with your left foot hanging off the side of the platform (this is your starting position).

• Bend your right knee and hip, lowering your left foot as close to the floor as possible and keeping your torso upright.

• Reverse the movement and return to starting position.

• Keeping your left knee straight, extend your left leg out to the side as far as possible.

• Return to starting position, and repeat the entire sequence for 10 reps.

• Repeat the movement with your left leg on the box.


Kettlebell Squat (4:13)

Stand straddling a medium-to-heavy kettlebell with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width.

• Keeping your back straight and your chest up, bend at your hips and knees, grabbing the kettlebell with an overhand grip.

• Keeping your abs tight, straighten your legs, push the hips forward and stand, squeezing your butt at the top of the move.

• Repeat for 10 reps.


Shoot the Duck (4:57)

• Holding the handles of a TRX or similar equipment, step back from the anchor point with your arms slightly bent.

• Shift your weight onto your left foot and extend your right foot forward.

• Bend your left leg and hip, lowering your hips towards the floor as far as possible while keeping your chest up (avoid pulling on the handles too much—try to use them only for balance).

• Reverse the move, returning to a standing position.

• Repeat the move 10 times, then perform 10 reps on your right foot.


Side Lunge Squat (6:16)

Stand with the TRX positioned on your left and step your left foot into both of its handles.

• Hop a few feet to your right, keeping both legs straight, until you are standing with your weight on your right foot and your left leg pointed comfortably out to your left (this is the starting position).

• Extending your arms in front of you, bend your right knee, lowering your hips as far as possible towards the floor.

• Return to the starting position and repeat for 10 reps.

• Carefully take the TRX handles off your foot, turn, and repeat the sequence with your right foot in the loops.


Glute Bridge (7:35)

Sit on the floor in front of the TRX and place the arches of your feet inside each of the handles.

• Lie flat on your back and bend your legs about 90 degrees.

• Keeping your legs bent, lift your hips as high as you can off the floor, squeezing your glutes at the top of the move.

• Hold for a one count, lower your hips to the floor, and repeat for 10 reps.



Valslides (or towels)
Kettlebell (or dumbbell)
Plyo Box (or bench)
TRX Suspension System

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