21 Day Fix Results: This Retired Navy Vet Lost 21 Pounds and Won $500!

21 Day Fix Results: This Retired Navy Vet Lost 21 Pounds and Won $500!

Rene Fuertes lost 21 lbs. in three months with 21 Day Fix and Shakeology. He entered his results into the Beachbody Challenge, and won the $500 Daily Prize for April 19th!

Tell us about your life before you started the program. How did you feel about yourself and your body?
Well, I’m 50 years old and happily married with one daughter in college and one child in high school. I retired from the Navy in 2006, and am very active in volunteering in the community. I consider myself a very positive person, but after reaching my current age, the issue of having life insurance became a problem, due to my hypertension and Type II diabetes. Since the 90s, I’ve eaten at fast food restaurants and eaten bad food. For the past couple of years, I stopped having salt and sugar in my food, but it was not enough. Within a month of starting 21 Day Fix, I saw my doctor in December and I had no issues regarding hypertension. However, my doctor has prescribed a pill for it, and I haven’t taken it. I have continued eating right, and I have also been measuring my sugar levels and it looks great. I should be seeing my doctor within the next three weeks.

What inspired you to change your life and begin your transformation journey?
Well, reality hit me when my father died of cancer a couple of years ago. So, for the love of my family, I want to live a bit longer. I want to see more and do more. When I reached the age of 50, I said, “Enough is enough.” I have been very strict about what I eat now, and educate myself regarding vegetables and fruits.

What is the greatest challenge you faced before beginning the program? How did the program and Beachbody help you overcome that challenge?
Starting something and not completing it was a concern. However, my brother, who is my Coach, has been very active regarding exercising and introduced me to Beachbody. The Facebook group has been awesome. The ability to do the program using Beachbody On Demand has been very helpful. 21 Day Fix is what I needed. I started the program by doing most of the rounds with the modified pace. Even after completing the fourth round, I’m still modifying. Due to right knee issues, I have been very careful, but still getting a great workout.* This process has given me results. I have gotten stronger; I sleep better; and I’m more focused during work. I lost weight and had to buy new pants and shirts; it felt good. I feel great. Yesterday, I was able to walk one mile and ran one mile prior to my yoga. This is progress. The containers have been a great help, and they’re teaching me about portion control. I haven’t been concerned with quitting or stopping, because I see it as a change of lifestyle. I have enjoyed Shakeology.


What in particular did you like about the program you chose?
I just love the daily exercises, and it’s tough but easy to follow.

Describe the results you achieved with your Beachbody program. Which achievements are you proud of?
I’m so proud of my weight loss. I can’t remember when was the last time I weighed 184 pounds. I’m also proud that I’m getting a great education regarding what to eat. I’m also happy that my blood pressure is great and my sugar level is low. I can’t wait until three weeks from now to know the real difference.

How has your life changed since completing your Beachbody program?
I’m very happy! The amount I was spending on a daily basis at Dunkin’ Donuts has gone into Shakeology, and I believe it has been a great investment.

How did participating in a Challenge Group help you reach your goals? How did your group support you and keep you accountable?
I was very active with communication. It kept me on track with my use of the containers and honest with my daily workouts. The feedback from my group members and Coach was fantastic. I look forward to the next challenge.

How did your Team Beachbody Coach support you on your journey?
I had daily contact from Facebook posts. He added videos with words of encouragement. The best example was yesterday. I was on my couch, and he reached out to me. He knows that I was planning to run again, and it has been years since I last ran. So after that conversation, I got on my treadmill, walked a mile, and ran a mile. I then did my scheduled yoga. I was happy to post videos and pictures of my accomplishments. I know that during the spring, I will run a 5k with him.

How did a Beachbody supplement, nutritional product, or program (such as Shakeology or Beachbody Ultimate Reset) support your transformation? What are the greatest benefits you gained? Did you see benefits to your energy, sleep, mood/mental clarity, or digestion/regularity?
I’m currently drinking Vanilla Shakeology, and I drink it every day at around 10 AM. It fills me up till noontime when I have my lunch. It has worked for me. I have no issues. I do plan to try different flavors for the next couple of months. As I mentioned earlier, I’m more focused, sleep more, and have more energy.

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Results vary depending on starting point, goals, and effort.
*Always consult with your physician about your unique medical needs before starting any fitness program or nutrition product.