21 Day Fix Results: Jessmarie Lost 22 Pounds with 21 Day Fix!

21 Day Fix Results: Jessmarie Lost 22 Pounds with 21 Day Fix!

Jessmarie was feeling tired and unhappy. She saw a friend’s results with Beachbody and decided to commit to 21 Day Fix. In two consecutive rounds, she lost 22 pounds and 15 inches! Read her story in her own words, below:

Before starting 21 Day Fix, I was always tired, very drained and never seemed to be completely happy. I saw a friend use the program and she saw great results. And when I saw them, I couldn’t resist; her results are amazing. My goals were to just be able to run and play with my two children without feeling like my heart was going to pop out of my chest.

My family had pizza or fast food at least four times a week. I feel horrible thinking about that. But now I’ve learned how to prepare and eat in a totally different way. At first I thought I would never be able to be full using the containers. But as I went through the program, I realized that it was enough to keep you healthy. I learned that you do not need fast food and unhealthy options and that eating healthy is also satisfying

At first I thought the workouts were hard, but once week one was over, it was easier to get the workouts done. I love Autumn! It’s like she is here with me, pushing me to keep going. I love the program. My favorite part was trying new recipes and old recipes in a different way (21 Day Fix approved)! Also, an exercise routine every day makes me have a more energized day. 

I see the most results in my stomach. After my second baby, my stomach was my biggest challenge and it was the first thing I noticed changing. The 21 Day Fix changed my body drastically. I can now wear dresses and I’m so energized. My favorite part of my results is looking in the mirror and not seeing this unhappy and unhealthy person with a lot of low self-esteem. I’m a new woman: I am a happier, healthier mom.

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