Transformation Tuesday: Val Lost 25 Pounds with P90!

Transformation Tuesday: Val Lost 25 Pounds with P90!

Meet Val, a member of the P90 test group here at Beachbody. Val had been going to a gym for months after the birth of her daughter and hadn’t seen great results. She decided to try P90, and had some amazing results! After 90 days, she lost 25 pounds and 21.5 inches. Here’s what Val had to say about her experience:

When I started this program my main goal was to wear a bikini comfortably and not feel shy. There was this moment where I was outside swimming with my son and I was in my bathing suit, and I got out of the pool and he said, “Ooh mom, look at your fat jiggly belly.” I don’t want that for my kids. I don’t want them to think of me as “Fat Mommy.” 

In the past 90 days by doing P90 I’ve lost 25 pounds, over 21 inches, and the place that I notice it the most is in my belly. And I do have a lot of definition now in my arms, and I notice it a lot in my quads. It’s amazing and I feel wonderful.  I feel how I did 10 years ago, pre-children. Going to the gym for 8 months didn’t give me the results that I’ve gotten in the past 90 days on P90.

I think I accomplished my goal of being a hot momma. My son, he said, “Hey mamma, remember when I told you that your belly was fat and jiggly? It’s not any more!” 

I’ve never been this fit, I’ve never had this tone in my body, and just muscles. I’ve never had that. I started out as a size 10 and I’m at a 6 now. I feel great. There’s no better way to live than being fit and feeling healthy. 

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