Transformation Tuesday: Rolando Lost 18 Pounds with The Master’s Hammer and Chisel

Transformation Tuesday: Rolando Lost 18 Pounds with The Master’s Hammer and Chisel

Rolando had done quite a few Beachbody programs before, but he got some of the best results he’s ever had with The Master’s Hammer and Chisel. In 60 days, he lost 18 lbs and got ripped! Check out his story in his own words, right here:

I have been a Beachbody believer for nearly 4 years now (ever since completing my first round of P90X). Tony Horton and Beachbody took me from an obese 240-pound young father of 1 just months away from starting medication for hypertension to a 34-year-old father of 3 in the best shape of my life. Yeah, there have been ups and downs during these last four years. There has been weight gain and injuries, but every time I’ve needed to get back into peak physical form, Beachbody has been there. Be it Tony Horton or Autumn Calabrese, Beachbody has provided the right program for me every time. My most recent setback was a torn left bicep tendon, my right knee starting to act up again, lower back pains that weren’t letting me sleep for more than 4 hours at a time, and a general loss in motivation to workout… which all led to a 20-pound weight gain. Well, as I started looking/hoping for a new workout regimen, I came across Hammer and Chisel, and having done Autumn’s programs before, I knew that if she was backing something, it was bound to work. So, I ordered The Master’s Hammer and Chisel, stuck to the eating plan, and the rest is history… history I guess I could elaborate a bit on now.

My goals with The Master’s Hammer and Chisel were: fat loss, muscle gain, renewed fitness motivation (i.e., something new), and getting back into peak physical form and health. Well, my shoulders have never been stronger (or bigger), I am back into shape, and I gained lean muscle mass while losing fat. I have never weighed 165 pounds with my arms being as big as they were at the end of Hammer and Chisel (which means I actually built lean muscle mass while losing weight, and I didn’t have to run to do it, which worked wonders for my bum knee).

Having two trainers was awesome – and exactly what I needed to keep me from getting bored with the program!  Autumn and Sagi are completely different and each bring their own personality and expertise to the program – making every day something new and exciting. My favorite thing about Autumn is how much I hate her workouts (for some reason I think Autumn’s workouts are easily some of the hardest workouts period). As for Sagi, I loved his intensity and passion for fitness and hard work (not to mention never knowing what is going to come out of his mouth).

What I liked most about The Master’s Hammer and Chisel was the daily alternating trainers. Even if you hadn’t done the following day’s workout, you know a little bit of what to expect based off the trainer you were getting the next day… sometimes I’d pray for Autumn and other times I’d pray for Sagi… but to be honest Autumn strikes the fear of God in me. 🙂

DO IT! It really does help build lean muscle while promoting fat loss. The program, both its eating plan and workout regimen, is broken down so anyone wanting to reach any goal (be it fat loss, muscle gain, or body recomposition) can use it. I lost 18 pounds while attaining the biggest arms I’ve had in my life. Also, at the end of the program I have next to no pain in my knee so, when I finished the program I went for my first jog in 4 months, slept in with no lower back pain, and went to Costco with my kids to enjoy an entire Cheese and Pepperoni pizza… and some chocolate chip cookies with delicious whole milk!

Everyone seems to be very impressed with the amount of lean mass I was able to keep and gain while doing the program. I have lost weight in the past, I mean this fitness thing is a constant journey, but I have never lost as much weight as I did on Hammer and Chisel while also maintaining and adding lean muscle mass.

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