Transformation Tuesday: Maria Lost 26 Pounds with Hip Hop Abs!

Transformation Tuesday: Maria Lost 26 Pounds with Hip Hop Abs!

Maria had a three-year-old son that she couldn’t play with because she was out of shape. She hadn’t been able to lose the baby weight for years, and when a fitness contest popped up at her work, she had the perfect opportunity to get back in shape. She completed Hip Hop Abs, and was able to lose 26 pounds in 2 months! Here’s her story in her own words:

I couldn’t play with my son without losing my breath. My clothes didn’t fit right, I looked in the mirror or at pictures and felt depressed about how fat I was getting and how unhealthy I was feeling. I was tired all the time. My weight prevented me from running, jumping, dancing, and playing with my son.

Someone at the school where I work decided to do a “biggest loser” competition. A friend gave me INSANITY to try to lose weight from home, but I knew I was not ready for such a hard routine. However, I loved Shaun T’s voice and how he motivated everyone, so I looked him up. Since I love dancing, Hip Hop Abs caught my attention, so I went ahead and ordered the program. Dancing was one of my passions, and I always wanted to learn hip hop. And hey, if I could do abs without actually “doing abs,” it was the way to go!

I followed it to the T! We had weekly weigh-ins at school, and celebrated every time I lost 2 pounds! I was determined to win. I was invited to a Challenge Group, too, and that’s where it all began to make sense. I met people like me, supporters, and I had accountability, not just at school, but every night I was posting in this group and getting suggestions and encouragement. Between the group, the school, and my willingness to change, I had a great transformation.

Hib Hop Abs is fun and it doesn’t really feel like you are working out, but you’re building your body stronger each time you do it. I can do everything now, and more. I even became a Turbo Kick Instructor, I’m currently practicing handstands and staying up for a few seconds! My goal is to walk with my hands holding up my body. Now, I love life, I love the way I look and feel, and I’m always looking to trying on new clothes, going out on an adventure, and helping others feel the same way I do.

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