LaTeisha Lost 44.9 Pounds with 21 Day Fix!

LaTeisha Lost 44.9 Pounds with 21 Day Fix!

LaTeisha was having trouble prioritizing her health while balancing college and a job. Tired of being self-conscious, she was ready for a change. She decided to try 21 Day Fix and got amazing results from the program. In fact, she lost 44.9 pounds in 6 rounds! Read how she did it in her own words:

“Before I started 21 Day Fix, I used to be active and fit. After high school, I slowly started to gain weight while balancing a full-time job and being a college student. I gained a total of 50 pounds after high school by constantly eating out. I didn’t feel good about my body anymore. I started to walk around campus with my head down, and I would take the long way to class to avoid people. As a smaller person, gaining weight was very hard for me to deal with. I couldn’t fit into any of my old clothes, and I was always out of breath while walking to class. Overall, I was embarrassed and had no self-confidence.

I had never heard of the 21 Day Fix program until my mom suggested it. She told me about a testimonial she had seen, who was a girl about my age, who had lost 7 pounds in her first week! This motivated me to try it for myself. I was tired of being angry of what I looked like and what I couldn’t wear. I used this negative energy as motivation to lose weight.

The greatest challenge I faced before I started the program was that I didn’t how to eat cleanly. I struggled with choosing the right foods to help lose weight, and I would often overeat certain food groups. I love that 21 Day Fix included the portion containers and a nutrition guide. It was so simple and not time consuming at all. I love how this program taught me how to have a healthy, balanced diet by seeing what was a proper portion size and what was my caloric goal intake. I still use the containers today!

Now, I feel mentally strong and happy. I saw results in both my health and my body. I have reached my weight loss goal! I am proud that I was consistent with the program, and I was able to lose all of that weight while being a full-time student.

My whole life has changed since completing 21 Day Fix. I no longer have an unhealthy relationship with food. I don’t use food as social entertainment anymore. Now I do more active things as entertainment. I am much happier, and I’m confident in myself.”

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