Transformation Tuesday: Kenny Lost 45 Pounds With P90X3!

Transformation Tuesday: Kenny Lost 45 Pounds With P90X3!

Kenny never thought that he could get in great shape. Though he was used to being active in the military, he was never able to get results he wanted. He heard about P90X3 and decided to take a chance to improve his health for himself and his family. He lost 45 pounds and 29.7 inches in two rounds of P90X3! Read his inspiring story in his own words below:

I have never been in amazing shape. My life revolved around fatty foods and sweets. When I was in the military, I was deployed to Iraq in 2008. During that year, I was at the gym a lot and was in the best shape I thought I could be in. During my deployment, my wife gave birth to our first son. The day after he was born, we found out he had two severe congenital heart defects. Thankfully the Lord gave us five months with him. But after five months and three open heart surgeries, our little boy passed away. Since then, we have had two healthy children. Life got busy and my health was on the back burner. I gained a lot of weight and was not happy about the way I looked. I was always telling myself I was going to get in shape, but I never did. 

I had lower back pain. I would tweak my back at work and would be in pain for weeks. After seeing my doctor, I was given some pills to try. I did not want to be taking a pill for something that could be fixed by improving my health. Once I found out about P90X3, I was excited to get in shape. 

At first, I would modify most moves in the P90X3 workouts. When I first started, I could only do two pull-ups, and I would then continue with the resistance bands. I wanted to keep my heart rate up to maximize my results. After the first 90 days, I could do pull-ups throughout the workout without using any modified moves!

I found the nutrition plan to be very simple as well, and it truly was the key to my success! When you have a complicated nutrition plan that is hard to comprehend, your weight-loss may suffer. The P90X3 nutrition plan lacks nothing! It was very simple to follow, and everything was broken down and explained. I base my success on this!

I am so amazed at the results that I have gotten from this program! The way I look and feel about myself has taken a complete 180-degree turn! My confidence has skyrocketed, and I have more energy than I did in my youth! I no longer am disgusted with the way I look. When you feel good about yourself, everything just seems to smooth out. After P90X3, I took my life back into control and gained my health, confidence, and self-control. My wife was by my side the whole time, and we helped each other push through the tough times. 

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