Transformation Tuesday: Gipsy Lost 8 Pounds with INSANITY: THE ASYLUM!

Transformation Tuesday: Gipsy Lost 8 Pounds with INSANITY: THE ASYLUM!

Gipsy was on the path to fitness when she suddenly had to undergo appendicitis surgery that forced her to stop working out. After a month, she realized that she was slowly starting to gain her weight back. Once she was given the green light, she recommitted herself to Beachbody and decided to try INSANITY: THE ASYLUM and lost 8 pounds and 6 inches in one round! Read how INSANITY: THE ASYLUM changed her life, in her own words:

I have already lost 70 plus pounds thanks to Beachbody programs. However, during my 2nd week of Asylum I had to undergo appendicitis surgery which forced me to stop working out. After a month of doing nothing and being unmotivated, I noticed I gained close to 10 pounds. I was simply not focused and motivated to keep going and I was hating my body and myself. There is nothing worse than feeling this badly – the fact that you know you can do something and not being able to do it because your mind is not cooperating is the worst state to have in weight-loss. But knowing that I did it once before motivated me to get my mojo back. I started to visualize my goal again, and I started to feed my confidence and self-worth to the point I was ready to challenge myself again. Then I remembered I had a program that I hadn’t completed before and thought it would be the perfect challenge, so I put my mind to it and committed to INSANITY: THE ASYLUM again.

In the workouts, Shaun T really places a challenge on you. He doesn’t want to kill you, he wants to change you! I love that he works out with you, he gets tired, he stops, he yells, he keeps pushing. It’s like training right next to him. I also loved that it combines cardio, strength training, and plyometric exercises. 

Now, I feel simply unstoppable. Aside from wanting to reach a goal weight, ASYLUM gave me incredible energy. I’m seeing baby abs again! I’m more confident, and I love the cardiovascular and resistance training it gave me. These programs are simply amazing. I can’t even begin to describe how good it feels to get things done, to commit to them, to be consistent, and be disciplined

After ASYLUM, I was amazed to see I went back to the size I had before gaining weight. This proves once more that the scale is just that a number and that it does not define your fitness journey. It proves that I gained some muscles in just one month! I’m happy with the results I’ve gotten and more importantly, I feel accomplished. ASYLUM help me gained my confidence and self-worth back. Transformation is not only about weight loss, it’s about being the best you can be. It’s about the journey towards loving yourself, towards feeding your confidence and self-worth.  It’s realizing that your are stronger than you can possibly imagine and that you can do anything you put in your mind as long as you never give up.

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