Transformation Tuesday: Faith Lost 33 Pounds with Beachbody!

Transformation Tuesday: Faith Lost 33 Pounds with Beachbody!

After giving birth to her second child, Faith B. was looking for a way to lose her post-baby weight. She had a tough time with her weight after her first child, and she didn’t want to have the same difficulties this time. Tired of feeling self-conscious of her body, she saw a sign to try Beachbody programs. She tried FOCUS T25 and PiYo and lost 33 pounds and 19.5 inches in just 7 months! Read her story in her own words below:

In November 2014, I had my second child. I gained 50 pounds with my second pregnancy and the weight seemed to be falling off at first, but I started to notice it coming back. I became very depressed and didn’t want to look in the mirror. I was so angry at myself for gaining that much weight. The worst part of my day was putting on my clothes and nothing fitting. I wouldn’t even let my husband see me change because I was so ashamed. 

When I was breastfeeding my son at all hours of the night, I noticed the FOCUS T25 commercial. It must have been a sign because for over a week straight, my son woke up when it came on, and I kept watching it. I finally brought it up to my husband that I needed to do something, and I believed this was it! 

When it came, I started. I couldn’t believe how fast and hard it was at first. I didn’t know how to lunge or do squats, so I had to modify.  Slowly but surely, I got better and started to see the weight drop. I felt better and I was smiling.

After FOCUS T25, I got PiYo with Vegan Shakeology! I was never the yoga type, but Chalene kicks your butt! I felt my muscles getting stronger and it was challenging! I started to see results in about 3 or 4 days with the amount of sweat that was happening. Not only that but PiYo’s workouts really did just help me to be aware of my body more and with my posture, which is something I’ve always struggled with. 

 After my first child, I was in the gym every day, sometimes twice a day. It took 15 months to see results. I’m still amazed that with two Beachbody programs, I lost 33 pounds in 7 months! I am so blessed to have started when I did. I have grown as a person, a wife, a mother, and a Coach. Everything in my life has changed, and I truly believe it’s because I stepped out of my comfort zone and decided to take a chance! 

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