PiYo Results: Danielle Lost 40 Pounds and Improved Her Flexibility

PiYo Results: Danielle Lost 40 Pounds and Improved Her Flexibility

Danielle H. was reaping the benefits of PiYo for years as an instructor, but she now loves doing it at home as well. Over the years, PiYo helped her lose 40 pounds and improved her strength and flexibility. Here is what she has to say about her experience with the program:

“I knew things like yoga and Pilates were good for you and were important because of the strengthening and stretching, but I found them boring. I’m a Turbo and hip hop girl who can’t sit still and I don’t feel like I’m really working out unless I’m breathing hard and sweating. I took one yoga class and never went back. I was bored! When I saw that Chalene (my role model/mentor) had an “upbeat” and choreographed workout that had the benefits of Pilates and yoga, I was sold.

Myself and others like me stay away from Pilates and yoga because it’s slow and not entertaining enough for us cardio junkies who are used to moving quickly through movements. But PiYo allows us to do that. It’s fun! And I can do a push up now! I always struggled with push ups, but because of PiYo, I can do them and have toned my arms like never before.

My flexibility has also improved dramatically. I can do the splits again – I haven’t been able to do them since high school! With PiYo, I regained some of the flexibility I had years ago and my legs are so much stronger! I had knee “issues” and since I started doing PiYo, I hardly ever have any issues.  I believe it’s because I have built up more muscle in my upper legs from doing all of the squats and warrior poses. Now, I even take 4+ flights of stairs at work without dying from being out of breath or my legs screaming.

As someone who was overweight and needed to lose a significant amount, I always wanted to focus on cardio…until I found PiYo. Now, I honestly feel better and feel like I’ve accomplished something I never thought I could do.”

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