Transformation Tuesday: Brian Lost 43 Pounds with INSANITY!

Transformation Tuesday: Brian Lost 43 Pounds with INSANITY!

Brian had always struggled with nutrition and exercise ever since he was young.

After years of ups and downs in his fitness, he discovered INSANITY and decided to fully commit himself. In just 3 rounds, he lost 43 pounds and 8 inches and completely changed his life!

Read about his amazing INSANITY results in his own words:

“Growing up, I lived in a household where portion size wasn’t debatable. My depression-era grandparents, who wanted to give me and my parents everything they could, cooked meals fit for 100 when we were only 7 people.

My sister, brother, and I were born into the ‘clean your plate’ club, where you weren’t going anywhere until you finished everything on your plate. My grandmother – and this completely rubbed off on my mother – didn’t necessarily follow the clean your plate rules, unless it was dessert.

Dessert was another mandatory thing, and let’s face it, I don’t think on that front you would have heard any complaints from me! While this was all out of love and care, I developed horrific habits. Sugar turns a switch in my brain and causes me to become possessed. It makes my stomach hurt even thinking about it now, but that was the reality of it all.

For the majority of my life, I had extremely low self-confidence. What I see when I look at that before picture was a ‘me’ that was extremely afraid of change. I was stubborn, sluggish, and depressed.

I worked hard in all the wrong areas, loved my friends and family dearly, but did not understand that one of the biggest things missing was loving myself. I am a very big emotional eater, and very good at mentally tricking myself into thinking that I was doing everything I could.

No matter how much I thought I was doing to better myself, I never felt ‘right.’ I felt my body was at a dead end without a clear direction to go.

I spoke with my wife multiple times at how I had to implement more changes. I was feeling physically horrible and mentally a mess.

It was during Hurricane Sandy, with no electricity, I found INSANITY at my in-law’s house. My wife had gotten it but never had tried it. I took it home with me once I could return to home, and started the change. I committed to myself saying that I would start the new year with INSANITY.

INSANITY is the foundational program that laid all the groundwork for what I am today. In my initial surge, I went 3 straight rounds. I went through a transformation right in the beginning when I started the Fit Test and had to make adjustments along the way.

After I finished the first round, I went right into the second round as if Shaun T had commanded me to do so.

I literally didn’t think about it, the insane results I got from round 1 were all the reasons I needed. I already felt more energy, I saw huge changes in my body, and in my head, I wanted to make Shaun T proud that I was going back to do it even better.

I wanted a better form, quicker movements, more reps, and fewer breaks. After the second round, I went right into the third round because I absolutely wanted to. I wanted to tackle the exercises that I hated. I wanted to truly embrace it all and expand my horizons.

These workouts are perpetually useful. They not only exhaust you in a way that no other workout can, but they also leave the door open to always improve.

I can always get quicker, I can always have better form, and I can always complete more reps. They also have different focuses individually, but together they hit all important areas of the body.

This is huge, as I was coming from limited routines that I felt comfortable maintaining. These workouts get you to hit it all, whether you want to or not!

I looked at everything through a new lens now. It was an incredible feeling and produced incredible results. I think it’s safe to say I feel fantastic about myself. I know I can always improve, and I know I will now.

The power is in my mind to push my body to do what I need to do. This applies to all areas of life, not just fitness.”

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