Transformation Tuesday: Alex Lost 72 Pounds with INSANITY MAX:30!

Transformation Tuesday: Alex Lost 72 Pounds with INSANITY MAX:30!

Alex was going through a difficult time in his life and was feeling depressed and alone. After hearing a podcast from Shaun T, he knew it was exactly what he needed to make a positive change in his life. He completed two rounds of INSANITY MAX:30 and lost 72 pounds and 11.5 percent body fat! Hear his amazing story in his own words below:

I needed to make a change in my life. I was 21 years old and after my girlfriend of 3 years broke up with me, I was miserable. I was away at college and felt truly alone. I was suffering from bulimia and depression. I wanted to change, but I couldn’t break this vicious cycle. I would go to the gym regularly, lift weights, use the treadmill, but saw no progress. This lack of progress made things even worse for me, and I was at my breaking point both physically and mentally. Then I came across videos of Shaun T on YouTube and started listening to his podcast. I was really surprised at how much of an emotional aspect he had to fitness. He opened up and explained how fitness truly changed his life. I knew I needed to become stronger, not only physically but mentally and emotionally. The idea of “maxing out” and having an actual target to beat each and every day really motivated me to try this workout.  I wanted to change how I looked, but I needed to become stronger as an individual. I wanted to conquer my bulimia, my depression, my poor diet. I wanted to be able to look in the mirror and not only be happy with what I looked like, but I wanted to love what I felt like.

I am a very busy student and a 30-minute workout was just what I wanted. I knew because the workout was 30 minutes a day, I couldn’t use that as an excuse to quit. Shaun T has this incredible ability to connect the physical and mental aspect of a workout. He’s intense, but with this intensity comes a with this crazy feeling of motivation. It truly feels as if he designed this workout specifically for you. Just when you want to quit, he will say exactly what you needed to hear to push just that much harder.

The modifier in the workout was also incredibly helpful. Even now that I am in the best shape of my life, after I max out I use the modifier as my in-between point of continuing the exercise and taking a break. So instead of pausing for a few seconds, I will simply modify a few reps and then continue with the unmodified version. Moreover, I loved the idea of learning to control my body. The difference I feel in terms of the muscles I engage and the range of motion I can achieve in an exercise is entirely different than before I started this program. I used to be convinced that weights were the only way to build muscle. I’m a total believer in body weight training now. The feeling you get from being able to control your body is truly amazing.

Now, I am truly happy as a person. When people look at my before and after photos they see someone who now has a six pack, ripped muscles, and a lean physique. I see someone who beat their depression, beat their bulimia, and has finally reached a point of happiness in their life. Nobody can tell me “no” because I am the strongest I have ever been in my entire life. I feel victorious.

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