Transformation Tuesday: Matthew Lost 21 Pounds With The Master’s Hammer and Chisel!

Transformation Tuesday: Matthew Lost 21 Pounds With The Master’s Hammer and Chisel!

Matthew was starting to feel overwhelmed with stress, leading him to gain weight. He wanted something that would help get him back in shape and rebuild his strength. He decided to try The Master’s Hammer and Chisel along with his wife and saw amazing results! He lost 21 pounds and 10 inches in just 60 days. Read about his experience below:

“Things were stressful and chaotic. I was gaining weight, and I definitely wasn’t happy with who I was becoming. My wife and I wanted to do a strength training program together. The Master’s Hammer and Chisel seemed like the one that would appeal to us both.

My initial goals were to lose weight and increase strength. I wanted to lean my body out, but I knew I needed the nutrition aspect and proper portion sizes to do this. My wife and I decided to do it together, and we had a blast! Even if we couldn’t do it in the same room together, we made sure the other got it done.

I saw a ton of results. For starters, my weight loss. The bloated and sluggish feeling was gone, and I increased my strength. Having two trainers in one program was great. It broke it up a bit, and I looked forward to the change. They were both great and both were different. My wife wasn’t sure at first if Sagi’s workouts would be too intense for her, but this made the difference. Plus, Autumn was the one we both ended up yelling at more!

The program was built for success. The variety of workouts [came together] to achieve a specific endgame. It made the program something I wanted to complete, and I looked forward to it every day. The combination of proper food preparation and the workouts themselves was also a no brainer. If you followed along, you got results!

My wife and I found that our relationship is always better when we exercise together. In fact, you could say that exercise saved our marriage. Being able to do The Master’s Hammer and Chisel together was great. It wasn’t just about always doing it at the same time. If something came up and we couldn’t do it together, we made sure we both had time for the other person to do it. We knew what the other was doing and what we both wanted [to get out of the program.] Following the program together was life changing for us.”

†Results vary depending on starting point and effort.

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