Rockin’ Body Results: Phillip Lost 61.7 Pounds In Five Months

Rockin’ Body Results: Phillip Lost 61.7 Pounds In Five Months
After getting a wake up call from his father, Phillip realized it was time to make a change. He decided to try out Rockin’ Body so that he could dance to lose the weight, and he ended up losing 61.7 pounds in five months’ time! You can read about his incredible success in his own words right here:”My Dad got diabetes when in he was in his mid 40’s and told me I better start to do something or I would end up like him. I love to dance, so the idea of dancing for a workout at the weight I was at seemed to match. I used Rockin’ Body to lose all my weight. I did it all on my own in my basement!

I liked Rockin’ Body as it was very effective. After the first 45 days, I started dropping 10-15 lbs a month. I hit many goals during the time I was losing the weight. The Hard Core Abs and Rock It Out workouts were what I found hardest. I also intensified the workouts as they got easier by adding and increasing dumbbell weights. I started using 3-pound dumbbells and now use 12-pound ones.

I never felt horrible about myself when I was heavy. I always made excuses on why I was heavy, but now that I have lost all this weight I feel amazing. The bad thing is I have spent a fortune on new clothes several times since I dropped so much weight so quickly. Everyone is still in awe on how much weight I lost and how different I look. Reactions have been very positive for the most part. I have inspired many friends to start working out.

I feel the way I was truly successful is that I didn’t give up eating the foods I liked during my transformation. I found that I didn’t have to give up something I truly enjoy to be successful at my weight loss. If you follow Shaun T’s advice and schedule, these videos do work. I have continued to work out 6 days a week and am still getting more toned every day.

The reason it worked for me was the two videos I stuck with didn’t have a pounding motion on my back. I was, for the most part, pretty mobile when I was at my beginning weight, but I couldn’t run without having back and neck issues. Now after doing Rockin’ Body, I’ve tried Insanity, and I have been running obstacle course races and 5Ks.”


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