Quiz: Which Beachbody Cleanse is Right for You?

Quiz: Which Beachbody Cleanse is Right for You?

You’re ready to change the way you eat — but you may be having a tough time deciding which cleanse will help you hit your goals.

Should you get a jumpstart with 3-Day Refresh, or commit to Ultimate Reset?

The following questions can help you figure out which cleanse is right for you, right now.

1. What’s your current stress level?

a. Typical day-to-day stuff, but nothing a little yoga can’t fix.

b. Freaking out — a career switch, a breakup, etc.

2. When you attend special events, you’d rather:

a. Feast now, and undo the damage later.

b. Avoid overdoing it in the first place.

3. What’s your biggest weight-loss goal right now?

a. Quick fix before a big event this weekend.

b. Commit to making healthier food choices for the long haul.

4. Think of the last challenge you took on, How’d you do?

a. Started strong, but lost momentum.

b. Nailed it!

5. How often do you give in to your sweet tooth?

a. Occasionally, like at birthday parties or holiday dinners.

b. Sugar cravings are a daily struggle.

6. Overall, how healthy do you feel right now?

a. Pretty good — just need to break through a plateau.

b. Meh — kind of rundown and sluggish.

The Verdict

Mostly As: Try 3-Day Refresh

Maybe you want to get back in gear after too much excess or squeeze into a pair of jeans you bought five pounds ago.

The 3-Day Refresh is perfect for helping with short-term weight loss goals.

“Refresh gives you a moment to take pause, gather yourself, and move forward in a healthy way,” says Denis Faye, M.S.

You may want to use it as a monthly “tune-up” — or you may get inspired to take on the 21-day Ultimate Reset next time around!

Mostly Bs: Try Ultimate Reset

You’re ready to seriously overhaul your eating habits, and you’ve got the willpower to make it happen.

The Ultimate Reset is a three-week, three-phase cleanse that won’t just shed a few pounds — it’ll change the way you fuel your body.

“In three weeks, you can make a lot of changes, right down to the roots,” Faye says. It takes commitment, but you got this!