Jeff Lost 185 Pounds in 13 Months With P90X

Jeff Lost 185 Pounds in 13 Months With P90X

When Jeff hit 380 pounds, he decided he was done.

Done making unhealthy choices, done feeling miserable and unable to do things he used to love because he was so big. Even though he was an exercise novice, Jeff committed to P90X and never gave up.

His reward for his persistence and sweat equity: He dropped 185 pounds in 13 months. Here is Jeff’s story.

Jeff’s Life, Before

I began my journey at 380 pounds. I had no confidence and was disgusted by myself every time I looked in the mirror or saw a picture of myself.

Because I wore a 5XL shirt and 54-inch pants, I had to buy clothes I didn’t like since it was so hard to find any that fit. I couldn’t even walk up a single flight of stairs without being winded.

I finally accepted the fact that the only reason I was miserable and unhealthy was because I was constantly making unhealthy choices. I told myself I was done living this way and I would do everything in my power to change my lifestyle and mindset.

Jeff’s Transformation

I decided I was done being a quitter. P90X has helped me keep my motivation by being such an effective program. Because I was committed, I began seeing results so quickly it really helped me to not only stay motivated but it increased my motivation two-fold!

I love the structure of the program and how it switches between cardio and resistance every day.

It has helped me to not only lose fat but retain and gain muscle while doing so. I have also grown to love how strenuous the workouts are. They are made so all levels of users will achieve great results!

Within nine short months, I lost 155 pounds! And in 13 months, I lost 185 pounds! I’ve dropped almost 20 inches in pant size!

I am very proud of the progress I’ve had with the weight loss as well as the mental stamina I have gained.

Jeff’s Life, After

My life has been changed in so many great ways.

I can buy clothes anywhere I want, I can play with my children and not be winded, I can enjoy outdoor activities that I couldn’t physically handle prior but used to enjoy.

However, perhaps the biggest change has been my state of mind. I have gained such huge amounts of confidence and my outlook on life has completely changed.

I’m on a mission to help others better their lives in the same way.

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