Why You Need the BOD Rope for #mbf and #mbfa

Why You Need the BOD Rope for #mbf and #mbfa

When you’re starting #mbf Muscle Burns Fat or the #mbfa Muscle Burns Fat Advanced program, you could use whatever jump rope you have at home.

Or you could mimic having a jump rope without actually using one.

So why use the BOD Rope, which is a type of weighted jump rope, when you can replicate the motion without one? Plenty of reasons.

Mostly, it’s that this rope was designed specifically for these programs!

Here are five good reasons to consider adding the BOD Rope to your #mbf and #mbfa workouts.

1. The workouts are designed with the BOD Rope in mind

BOD Ropes with #mbf, #mbfa gear

In both workout programs, Super Trainer Megan Davies uses the BOD Rope in many ways to perform cardio intervals, according to Cody Braun, CPT.

In the Core Circuit workouts, you’ll use the BOD Rope for about half of the intervals. In all the strength training workouts, you’ll use the rope for one-minute cardio spikes after each block of work.

To get the most out of both programs, it’s helpful to do them as designed, with the BOD Rope.

2. You can dial up the intensity

Because of the weight, the BOD Rope increases the intensity when you’re performing cardio exercises or swinging the jump rope.

Making sure you change your intensity in a progressive way is important for seeing results, says Ariel Osharenko, CSCS, a sports performance physical therapist and trainer.

“Your body creates adaptations to whatever you’re doing,” he says. “That’s why people tend to plateau in their progress unless they’re counteracting those adaptations.”

Intensity, he adds, along with other variables “like load, frequency, and exercise type can help keep you moving forward. But you don’t want to put too much stress on the body too quickly, or your risk injury.”

The BOD Rope allows you to dial up the intensity in a measured way, without overloading your muscles too fast.

Megan Davies using BOD Rope

3. You can focus on better form

The BOD Rope is actually a cordless weighted jump rope, making it ideal for indoor workouts. Because there is no cord, the BOD Rope lets you focus on proper jumping form, says Braun.

That looks like keeping your elbows tucked in by your hips, with your palms facing out, and all of the rotation coming from the wrists.

Keep a slight bend in the knees, so every hop you take is a fluid bounce, Braun advises.

“With a cordless rope, you can still work on the movement, by maintaining the same form,” he says. “You can work on your rhythm and tempo, especially if you’re new to jumping rope.”

And no cord means you can do these moves in smaller spaces.

4. It gives you a more effective workout

With a BOD Rope, you primarily work your calves and forearms, but you also get some good work in your quads and shoulders, Braun says.

Plus, jumping rope is a major cardio builder.

One study found that jumping rope daily for just 10 minutes can give you the same level of cardiovascular improvement as jogging for 30 minutes.

Researchers also noted that jumping burns more calories per minute and engages more muscles than rowing or swimming.

5. You can progress gradually

Using a BOD Rope isn’t an “all or nothing” strategy. As you become more comfortable with using the handles, you can move faster for longer periods of time in the #mbf and #mbfa burnouts.

For example, Braun says, you can aim to complete a couple of reps per attempt and work your way up to longer intervals of usage.

As always, if you have any joint issues or health concerns, always consult your doctor before jumping into a new workout regimen.