Joel Freeman Does His Toughest LIIFT4 Workout

Joel Freeman Does His Toughest LIIFT4 Workout

Be honest: When you were doing LIIFT4, sweating, struggling, and grinding it out, didn’t it bother you just a little bit to see Joel strolling around the mat, fresh as a daisy the whole time?

Well, friends, his time has come: Joel Freeman, creator of LIIFT4 and 10 Rounds, put himself to the test, and BODlife captured it all in his home gym.

The workout? Week 5, Day 4: Legs LIIFT 50/50.

For those who are unfamiliar with this particular workout (or choose not to remember it), Week 5, Day 4 consists of a calorie-torching heavy-lifting session followed by high-intensity cardio and core for a total-body, fat-burning workout.

Or as Joel puts it, “lift first, HIIT second, die later.”

Joel’s training session started off strong with squat variations, calf raises, and lunges. But he proves just how challenging his workout is when he reaches the HIIT portion: That puddle of hard-earned sweat on the gym floor doesn’t lie.

And things only get tougher for home-gym Joel when on-screen Joel moves on to core.

When it’s all over, Joel shares his workout stats. How do yours compare?

Watch our BODlife video to see Joel struggle (just like the rest of us) and share his thoughts on why this particular workout completely kicked his a**.

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