10 Reasons to Date A Woman Who Works Out

10 Reasons to Date A Woman Who Works Out

Few things are as appealing as a woman who understands the importance of taking care of herself. Here are 10 reasons to appreciate a woman who likes to get a little sweaty!


1. You’ll often find her in a good mood
Ever heard of a runner’s high? Exercise can give you a boost of endorphins. Dating a girl who works out regularly? Those regular workouts aren’t just helping her look amazing — they do wonders for her stress level.
Exercise Give You Endorphins


2. She understands the importance of time
If you don’t think a minute is a long time, then you haven’t worked out with Shaun T! A woman who busts her butt in a workout can often be an ace when it comes to planning and time management. She already knows how to squeeze a workout into her busy schedule!
Switch Kicks Ya'll with Shaun T


3. She is willing to put in the extra effort
Rain or shine, she gets it done. Her workout schedule shows you what commitment means to her. She’s not the type to flake, and she definitely knows how to go the extra mile.
Exercising in Snow


4. She doesn’t always need your help
Get used to hearing her say, “I got this.” A strong woman doesn’t need your help carrying the groceries…but she might ask for it to give you a chance to show off.
Beyonce doesn't need your help


5. She appreciates a good meal
You’ll usually find her eating clean because she understands the importance of food as fuel…and she knows how to make it taste good.
Eating is my favorite time of day


6. She’s all about self-improvement
She strives to be the best version of herself every day, and she loves helping others reach their goals too. You’ll feel inspired just being around her.
Give yourself a high-five


7. She’s really coordinated
You might feel tongue-tied and weak-in-the-knees around her, but she’s not going to stumble. If she’s doing Beachbody workouts, then she’s always improving her agility!
Tony Horton Crunchy Frog


8. She’s full of energy
Not only does she look half her age, she has seemingly endless energy because of those regular workouts!
Brad Pitt full of energy


9. She’s not going to bug you about your guy nights…as long as you don’t bug her about her workout time
Want to stay out late with the boys? No problem…as long as you don’t wake her from her beauty sleep. Morning workouts require that she gets her Zzzs.
Guys' night out


10. She looks good from every angle
Squats and lunges are a girl’s best friends, and boy has she done a few.
Weighted squats GIF