Transformation Tuesday: Rondreka Lost 8.6 Pounds With INSANITY: THE ASYLUM

Transformation Tuesday: Rondreka Lost 8.6 Pounds With INSANITY: THE ASYLUM

Rondreka was trying to get in shape after having her baby, but she was feeling lost on how to get into a routine. She decided to try INSANITY: THE ASYLUM and saw amazing results! She lost 8.6 pounds and 3.5 inches in 30 days! Read about her experience in her own words here:

“I was having a difficult time getting back into shape after my pregnancy. I had an unexpected C-section, and after going 6 weeks with little physical activity, I found it hard to get back on track. I had tried to work out on my own, but I felt so overwhelmed that I just gave up. I could barely do a single push-up.

I was tired of feeling badly about myself so I decided to try INSANITY: THE ASYLUM. In the past, the greatest challenge I faced was not being committed to a workout routine. With INSANITY: THE ASYLUM, I was on a strict schedule that allowed me to stay on task to achieve my goal. The Back to Core workout was my favorite because I loved the fun moves, and Shaun T was so energetic and encouraging.

After completing the program, I feel like I’m in great shape. My energy and self-esteem have greatly improved, and I saw a dramatic improvement in my overall physical condition that motivated me to keep going. Now I can do more than 10 push-ups at a time! Everyone wants to know how I lost weight and got in shape, especially my friends on social media. I feel like I have the same strength and endurance that I had pre-pregnancy, all thanks to INSANITY: THE ASYLUM.”

†Results vary depending on starting point and effort.

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