INSANITY MAX:30 Results: Chris Lost 44 Pounds and Won $500!

INSANITY MAX:30 Results: Chris Lost 44 Pounds and Won $500!

Chris Brown lost 44 lbs. with INSANITY MAX:30 and Shakeology. He entered his results into the Beachbody Challenge, and won the $500 Daily Prize for September 7th!

Tell us about your life before you started the program. How did you feel about yourself and your body?
I was a college athlete and then work and family life took over. I put on a ton of weight, and I felt lazy and tired.

What inspired you to change your life and begin your transformation journey?
Stresses with my marriage and then divorce.

What is the greatest challenge you faced before beginning the program? How did the program and Beachbody help you overcome that challenge?
Motivation and time. You end up seeing results, and it becomes an obsession and you make time.

What in particular did you like about the program you chose?
The challenge.

INSANITY MAX:30 Results: Chris Lost 44 Pounds and Won $500!

Describe the results you achieved with your Beachbody program. Which achievements are you proud of?
I lost weight and gained muscle. I am now able to run 10-plus miles easily.

How has your life changed since completing your Beachbody program?
I am much happier with myself and have found a new motivation. Now I do INSANITY, the gym, and run almost every day.

How did a Beachbody supplement, nutritional product, or program (such as Shakeology or Beachbody Ultimate Reset) support your transformation? What are the greatest benefits you gained? Did you see benefits to your energy, sleep, mood/mental clarity, or digestion/regularity?
Shakeology certainly helps with energy.2

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Results vary depending on starting point and effort.
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