“I’m Proud of the Differences I See in My Body”

“I’m Proud of the Differences I See in My Body”

Results vary depending on starting point and effort. Jennifer is an independent Beachbody Coach.

Meet Jennifer P.! She participated in The Beachbody Challenge and won the $500 Daily Prize for November 12th!

Tell us about your life before you started the program. How did you feel about yourself and your body?
I felt committed to staying on track with my fitness. I just finished ChaLEAN Extreme, and was very content with the muscles I built. So, I decided to try a hybrid of INSANITY and ChaLEAN Extreme because I had never fully completed INSANITY. But, I really enjoyed the month I did. I decided to complete INSANITY to help form abs.

What inspired you to change your life and begin your transformation journey?
In the very beginning, the first thing that inspired me was my mom. She had been doing Beachbody programs for about 2-3 years. She had some nice results, and she’s always so dedicated. Second thing is my kids. I didn’t want them to see me unhealthy as far as what I eat and just out of shape. I wanted to be able to just run non-stop with them. Third thing was I just didn’t want pregnancy to be my excuse for being big. I chose to eat what I did during pregnancy so now it was up to me to change that. After doing several Beachbody programs, I just fell in love with the Beachbody philosophy, and knew this was the lifestyle I wanted to stay with and live.

What is the greatest challenge you faced before beginning the program? How did the program and Beachbody® help you overcome that challenge?
Being a single mom of two young boys, my biggest challenge was making the time for a workout. ChaLEAN Extreme and INSANITY were so challenging and fun. They made me want to try my hardest to make time and not give up. My boys also got very used to “mommy’s workout time,” and actually had fun along with me when they saw me working out. My challenge group has helped me get through 60 days.

Describe the results you achieved with your Beachbody program. Which achievements are you proud of?
I built more stamina. I’m proud of the differences in see in my body.

How has your life changed since completing your Beachbody program?
I feel stronger, more energized, and happier. People can see the results and how passionate I am about living a fit life.

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