Super Trainer Tips for Sticking to Your Resolutions

Super Trainer Tips for Sticking to Your Resolutions

New year, new you!

Whether you’ve made a detailed list of New Year’s resolutions or you’re just going to try to be a little healthier, the struggle to stay on-track is real.

It definitely helps if someone has your back — family, friends, or a group of like-minded people who can keep you accountable.

And it definitely doesn’t hurt to get tips and tricks from the pros.

We asked some Beachbody Super Trainers how to stick with your health and fitness goals for the year ahead — and beyond!

Autumn Calabrese, 21 Day Fix80 Day Obsession9 Week Control Freak, and more:

Focus On Changing One Thing

“You don’t have to stop doing everything you’re currently doing and start doing everything you weren’t.

Instead, make a resolution to change one thing and focus on that. Work hard at that one thing and give it 100 percent.

When you show yourself you can accomplish that one thing, watch what else starts to change and fall into place.”

Expect Roadblocks and Challenges

“If you expect the journey to be a completely smooth ride with no obstacles, then you’re likely to give up when the going gets tough — and the going will get tough.

That’s just life; things will come up to challenge you, to make you think about how bad you really want your goal, to push you outside of your comfort zone.

Lean into those challenges, let them push you and shape you and ultimately change you into the improved version of you that you’re working toward.”

Tony Horton, P90X22 Minute Hard CorpsDouble Time, and many, many more!

Mix Things Up

“Every program I’ve created for Beachbody has tons of variety: core, functional, weight training, bodyweight training, martial arts, yoga, cardio, Pilates, stability — the list goes on.

Some people don’t stick with exercise routines because they get bored, hurt, and/or stop seeing results.

Choose programs you look forward to doing and that allow you to work on your weaknesses as much as your strengths.”

Rest, Recovery, and Mindfulness

“With all the pressures of making big changes every year comes physical, emotional, and mental stress.

All successful athletes understand that there has to be plenty of rest and recovery time to get the most out of their training sessions.

High-quality supplements, foam rolling, plenty of restful sleep, staying hydrated, yoga, meditation, and other recovery practices matter just as much as a healthy diet and regular exercise.”

Ilana Muhlstein, M.S., R.D.N., Co-Creator of 2B Mindset, 2B Pregnant

Write Your Goals Down and Verbalize Them Daily

“Studies have consistently shown the impact this can make. When you continuously state your goals, you can increase the likelihood of achieving them.

You can help improve your rate of success even further by setting a time frame: Rather than saying “I want to lose 10 pounds,” phrase your goal as, “I want to lose 10 pounds by Valentine’s Day.”

Include your “why”: Rather than just saying “I want to lose weight,” focus on the reasons why you want to lose weight.”

Joel Freeman, CORE DE FORCELIIFT4, and 10 Rounds

Find the Time That Works for YOU

“Working out in the morning can make it easier to stick to a routine since schedule conflicts, work, and other life demands are less likely to interfere with your workout.

If mornings aren’t your thing, evening sweat sessions can be a great way to relieve stress from your workday.

Either way, taking the time to do something for yourself is an act of self-love.”

Forgive Yourself

“No matter how prepared you can be, mishaps will always happen with your routine and your diet.

Let it go, forgive yourself, and get back to it. A minor slip-up doesn’t need to turn into a major setback.

One bad day will not put off a week’s worth of hard work!

By forgiving yourself, you can truly adopt a balanced fitness lifestyle where fun weekends and slip-ups are not a big deal and won’t deter you from getting back to your normal routine.”

Idalis Velazquez, Mes de Más and 30 Day Breakaway

Celebrate ALL Your Wins

“Running a marathon, deadlifting your body weight, and losing 30 pounds are great milestones to celebrate.

But don’t forget to celebrate all your wins — like simply adding movement to your day, consistently getting your workouts in, or conquering your first mile.

These small wins are crucial to reaching your goals, creating habits, and keeping you motivated!”

Megan Davies, Clean Week and #mbf Muscle Burns Fat/#mbfa Muscle Burns Fat Advanced

Create a Healthy Reflection Process

“I’ve been encouraging people to look at how they react to roadblocks as they work toward their goals.

Do you beat yourself up or call yourself a failure? Or do you convince yourself it doesn’t matter and make excuses for yourself?

We need to find a healthy middle ground because, with any big goal, there will likely be setbacks.

Dealing with them in a productive way is important to your success.

Ask for help from people around you, acknowledge unhealthy behaviors, and think of ways to move forward in a pragmatic way rather than an emotional one.”