How to Start Losing Weight: Advice From the Cast of Beachbody’s YOUv2

How to Start Losing Weight: Advice From the Cast of Beachbody’s YOUv2

There’s nothing easy about weight loss. You can often feel like you’re trading the things you find pleasurable for things that you don’t enjoy (yet) that are far outside your comfort zone. Losing weight successfully — ideally shedding body fat while gaining lean muscle — requires some sacrifice and dedication, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have any fun. In fact, you should find ways to inject fun into the process of losing weight. It’ll help you stick with your newer healthier habits, and consistency is the key to realizing your weight-loss goals.

“Be mindful that you’re not going to change in one day. Be patient, and the most important thing is to try to be consistent,” advises Leandro Carvalho, Super Trainer and creator of Beachbody’s YOUv2 program, a four-week dance and sculpting routine that gives people a fun, positive, confidence-boosting place to begin their weight-loss journeys.

Here’s Leandro’s advice on how to start losing weight:

  • If you can’t do the 30-minute workouts all at once, do 10 minutes. Maybe next week you can do 15, then 20 minutes the week after.
  • Be patient. If you try to do too much, it can backfire and you might hurt yourself so start easy and take your time.
  • Start drinking more water.
  • Make better choices in your diet.
  • Stick with it. Be persistent and be committed so you can improve each time.

It might be easier said than done to just start, but it’s more about simplifying. Doing something is better than doing nothing. Pick one or two healthier new things to try, such as drinking a glass of water before each meal or adding one non-starchy vegetable to each meal, and practice those new things until they become second nature. Then pick another one or two healthier new things to try. Soon these little things will start to show big returns.

How the Cast of YOUv2 Started to Lose Weight

Bethany Xan Jeffery

After gaining close to 80 pounds in one year during college, Bethany knew she needed to make some changes. She tried sensible plans, such as Whole30, and achieved success while following these types of plans, but didn’t enjoy what she was doing and struggled to keep it up longer term.

“With YOUv2, Leandro gets me motivated the minute the routine starts,” says Bethany. “I really look forward to doing each routine, rather than dreading it like I do with other workouts. I’m positive that other people will feel the same.”

Bethany’s best advice for how to start losing weight: “Just make yourself start. I promise you’ll feel amazing afterwards!”

Carrie Packin

Carrie enjoyed being in shape for most of her life, but found it difficult to lose weight post-pregnancy. She needed something that wasn’t too time consuming or overly strenuous to help her slim down while balancing the demands of motherhood (and being sleep deprived).

“This program is a great way for mothers to let go and escape the challenges of the day,” says Carrie. “Leandro keeps you motivated and makes me feel like I can achieve anything I want while breaking a major sweat! YOUv2 is a great start for new mothers looking for a way to get back into shape while also being there for their new bundle of joy.”

Carrie’s best advice for how to start losing weight: “Thirty minutes of effort equals a whole day of happiness.”

Darlene Dues

Darlene has been overweight on and off since the fourth grade — more than 25 years. She tried nearly everything, from gym memberships to buying a treadmill (which quickly become an overpriced clothes rack) to diet pills, to lose weight. Nothing worked to keep her motivated and focused on her goals. She needed to find the right mix of people to inspire her to keep moving.

“I think YOUv2 will help you achieve your health and wellness goals because you’re not working out by yourself,” says Darlene. “Every day you get to work out with women who are there for the same reason you are: to become the healthiest version of themselves. Every time I watch the videos, I feel like I’m with my friends and we’re pushing each other toward our healthy goals.”

Darlene’s best advice for how to start losing weight: “You must not give up on yourself. Know your self-worth.”

Katie Sedlock

how to lose weight

Katie has struggled with her weight her entire life. She remembers blowing out the candles of her birthday cakes over the years, wishing she would wake up the next day and be skinny. After trying group fitness classes, different gyms, and juice cleanses, Katie found that working out at home suited her busy schedule best.

“My schedule is always changing so it’s extremely hard to get into a healthy flow that works for me,” says Katie. “YOUv2 is extremely fun and accessible. It’s on your own time and schedule. You can laugh through the sweat and forget about your daily stress.”

Katie’s best advice for how to start losing weight: “Find something that’s fun so you don’t even realize how much you are actually working out.”

Micki Fernandez

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A 50-and-fabulous-year old, Micki was able to maintain her weight, give or take five pounds, for most of her life until she broke her wrist, limiting the type of exercise she could perform, and suffered from a hormonal imbalance. Both of these things caused her to put on weight. Micki tried other workout programs, and found that putting too much weight on her wrist or lifting heavy weights caused pain.

YOUv2 is going to help me achieve my health and wellness goals because it awoke my love and passion for dancing,” says Micki. “Not only is it helping me achieve my goals, but it also makes me feel like I’m 18 again!”

Micki’s best advice for how to start losing weight: “Make yourself a priority. Believe in yourself; you’ve got this!”

Nina Millan

Nina, who became a mom at the age of 16, believes that pregnancy changed the way her body reacted to food and exercise, and her weight has yo-yoed ever since. After getting into the best shape of her life for her wedding, she got pregnant again soon after and struggled to lose the post-baby weight.

Also a self-identified emotional eater, Nina turned to food for comfort when she lost loved ones or endured periods of stress. “My Beachbody progress over these last couple of years has completely changed my relationship with food,” she says. “I do not have the same emotional eating setbacks that I had.” She credits the Portion Fix Containers and Shakeology with helping her make food choices with confidence.

Nina’s best advice for how to start losing weight: “One of the downfalls many people face is, when they fall off [the health wagon], they take too much time to try something new. They feel like they won’t ever see the results they want. When they finally start, it’s often too challenging and they lose motivation to continue.”

Samantha Croce

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Although very active as a child, Samantha says she was always heavier than the other kids. She lost some weight in high school with a low-carb diet, but couldn’t maintain the loss. By the time she graduated from college, she weighted 267 pounds and was miserable. She joined Weight Watchers and lost an incredible 100 pounds, but felt the plan got stale after a while and she wanted more.

“I think YOUv2 is great because it adds the exercise component that my body needs that other weight-loss programs did not have. And the meal plan is more of a lifestyle change than a strict, boring diet,” says Samantha. “Sometimes I lose steam with new programs because it’s too much of a challenge and a drastic change, but YOUv2 is gradual and focuses on what you’re capable of doing.”

Frequently Asked Questions About YOUv2

Will I have fun doing this program?

“YOUv2 allows you to let loose, have a great time, and let go. My favorite part is at the end of each workout when we put the moves together we learned during the workout into a dance routine. It is really a super fun time!” says Katie.

Is it challenging enough?

“YOUv2 kicked by butt — and I loved it,” says Bethany.

Do I have to give up a lot to follow this program? What if it’s too hard?

“It’s all about being and becoming your best you. It’s not about giant leaps, but the little steps you put into place to become a healthier version of yourself,” says Samantha. “Come as you are, and don’t change you… enhance you!”

But I don’t know how to dance; I’m really uncoordinated.

“Just keep dancing, girl! You’re amazing!” says Bethany.

“To all the uncoordinated people who think they can’t handle the moves: I’m here to tell you, you can! It’s OK if you get off beat from time to time as long as you keep moving,” says Darlene.

Working out intimidates me. What if I mess up or trip?

“Dance like nobody’s watching; it’s just you, Leandro, and his girls!” says Carrie.

What’s the most valuable thing you’ve learned from following YOUv2?

“YOUv2 has reminded me that I am a beautiful plus-sized girl. I am just as capable, talented, and worthy as anyone else,” says Bethany.

I don’t know if I’m too heavy to do a workout; will I be able to do the moves?

YOUv2 is for people of all shapes and sizes — people who are overweight just like me,” says Darlene. “Together we are pushing toward a happier, healthier self.”

How do you stay motivated, especially if the scale isn’t showing progress?

“Remember, progress not perfection,” says Nina. “Just show up every day, and focus on that new lifestyle change. Forget the scale! Think of all of your big wins: more energy, looser clothes, and consistent habits.”

I feel like I’m not seeing results quickly enough.

“Don’t get frustrated if you are not there yet; every step in the right direction, no matter how small, is one step closer to the new version of you,” says Samantha.

I don’t have time to work out. I work, take care of a family, and have to keep the house together.

“Taking time to take care of me allows me to take the best care of others,” says Nina. “It’s OK to be a little selfish so I can be selfless.”