Fitspiration Friday: I Got Sober and Healthy

Fitspiration Friday: I Got Sober and Healthy

Results vary depending on starting point and effort.

If you’ve tried a Beachbody program, you’ve probably had a goal in mind that you wanted to achieve. Maybe you wanted to lose weight. Maybe you wanted to get stronger. Maybe you wanted to improve your health. Maybe it was a mix of all three, or something else entirely. But, along the way, no matter what your goal, everyone needs a little inspiration. Every other Friday, the Beachbody Success Stories team will be sharing inspirational fitness stories from some of the folks who have done Beachbody programs. Maybe one will inspire you!

Meet Michael. He struggled with addiction, but decided to take control of his life and his health. He got clean, got a Beachbody Coach, and had an amazing transformation with FOCUS T25. This is his story. 

“In April 2014, my life was spiraling out of control. I had been struggling with a drug addiction for many years and I was at my wits’ end. I felt alone, scared, depressed, fearful… You name it, I felt it. On April 21, 2014 I decided to go to an in-patient drug rehab facility. While in rehab, I had no connection to the outside world. I received intensive therapy and had the opportunity to really change my own life. After 30 days, I moved into a recovery facility – I was now ‘on my own’ with other recovering addicts and I was feeling inspired and motivated to continue with my sobriety.

My coach reached out to me, thinking getting involved with a fitness regimen may help me get into a healthier routine. I was extremely hesitant and said ‘no’ many times. Finally, after much thought, I said ‘yes’ to FOCUS T25. And I am so happy I did.

The very first workout was tough. I texted my coach: ‘Will I ever be able to complete a workout? Will I ever be able to do a full push-up?’ I had only completed about 11 minutes before I had to press pause. And though I paused the workouts many times, I still completed them. I followed Tania the modifier for the first 3 to 4 weeks. Once I was able to do the full-range moves, I was so excited!

I then really started noticing changes in my body and other people were too! I lost 33 pounds in the first round, and that only motivated me to continue on for another round. My body changed drastically. I had to get new clothes often because my body was changing so much! My confidence grew with every single workout. I started to look at life more positively. I was becoming a new person. A positive, happy, sober, and healthy person.

After my third round, I reached my final weight of 165 pounds. Everyone noticed my physical changes as well as my new mentality and outlook on life.

I never imagined I would be sober and physically fit. Ever. I went from being addicted to drugs, hopeless, alone, afraid, and seriously depressed with little will to do anything to a man with confidence, happiness, a positive outlook on life, health, and sobriety! I now wake up every day eager to live life, press play, and share my positive outlook with this world.

I am so thankful for FOCUS T25, their crew, and my coach. Without their motivation and encouragement, I wouldn’t be where I am today! I am a changed man! Thank you, T25!”