How to Make Your Home a Sanctuary

How to Make Your Home a Sanctuary

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice based on turning your home into a magnet for good energy.

The way energy flows through your home can influence different areas of your life or “bagua,” such as relationships and finances.

A good feng shui home feels intuitively calm and peaceful, explains Tsao-Lin E. Moy, a Chinese medicine expert. “Bad feng shui makes you feel uneasy and chaotic.”

“You already know the importance that good health and a strong body has on your quality of life,” says Reiko Gomez, owner of Reiko Feng Shui Interior Design. “Think of your home as the next level of yourself, protecting and supporting your best life.”

In feng shui, nature has five elements:

  1. Wood
  2. Fire
  3. Earth
  4. Metal
  5. Water

“If there is an imbalance in design, adding a missing element will shift energy,” says Moy.

However, detecting feng shui issues and assessing remedies often requires a deep level of expertise and understanding of energy or “qi.”

To get started, there are some basic principles of feng shui you can incorporate into your home.

Woman making her bed at home

1. Turn your space into a sanctuary for well-being

“The environment in which you live and work can either support your health or diminish it,” explains Moy.

Feng shui fixes, such as plants, screens, or even metal dumbbells, can remedy some structural issues like badly positioned doors and walls that impede energy.

2. Welcome in good vibes — and cash flow

“Make sure the front door is clean, well-lit, and free of clutter,” says Gomez. “This is the area where money flows in, and you want to be able to capture as much of it as possible.”

A home office with feng shui

3. Pay attention to your WFH setup

“Don’t sit with your back to a door,” says Gomez. “This creates a feeling of vulnerability that can actually impede business success. It’s best to sit with a solid wall behind you.”

4. Hang some curtains

“Make sure to have good window coverings in your home, such as drapes, blinds, or shades,” says Gomez. “This is key to feeling safe and secure.”

5. Unload items you aren’t using

You want energy to flow.

“Areas that have clutter tend to be where the energy gets stuck and can be a dead zone,” says Moy. “Removing the clutter is also about having space work for you.”

6. Work with what you have

“You don’t have to buy a bunch of new things,” says Gomez. “Often you’ll find you already have things that will work, you just need to place them in the part of the house that would benefit from that remedy.”

 Houseplants in pots on windowsill.

7. Incorporate some plants

“Plants are a symbol of life and money,” says Moy. “If a plant is dead or dying, it brings negativity.”

If you always forget to water your plants, consider a cactus, lucky bamboo, or even silk flowers, which look vibrant and alive.

8. Arrange your bedroom for good sleep

“The best bed position for good sleep is one where you can see the door from where you are sleeping, however avoid having the door directly at your feet,” says Gomez.

(The latter is known as the ‘coffin position,’ which pretty much sums up why you shouldn’t do it.)

9. Turn on a light for a new partner

“Each side (of the bed) should have a small table and a light,” says Gomez. “This signifies a balanced relationship — or helps to attract a new relationship.”

For good romance, Gomez recommends centering your bed on a wall with ample room on either side.

10. Have fruit and water on your kitchen counter

Along with reminding you to have healthy snacks and stay hydrated, a colorful fruit bowl and a pitcher of water support good feng shui, according to Moy. “Fruit symbolizes abundance and nutrition.”

11. Make your intentions clear

“Most importantly, once the feng shui remedies are in place, write a clear intention of what you want, and read it regularly in your space,” says Gomez. “Visualize having what you want and see how your space could be a source of strength and support in reaching your biggest dreams.”