Sara M. Lost 79 Pounds in 2.5 Years

Sara M. Lost 79 Pounds in 2.5 Years

Sara’s Life, Before

“After what felt like endless failures, I didn’t believe I could accomplish any goal I set. I despised myself.

My emotional eating took me on a daily roller coaster of momentary comfort, then even more self-hatred.

I tried to find clothes that fit, but nothing ever really did. Even in plus sizes, everything was too tight around my ever-expanding waist. I wore loose pajama pants whenever I was at home.

Going to the mall was so embarrassing. When I went into a new store, I would discreetly scan the sizes, and quickly walk out in embarrassment when I found they did not have anything near my size.

I have never been athletic. I always felt out of place in any setting involving activity.

I always experienced a wave of worry when I was invited to a social setting that required movement. I was always sweaty and tried to plan how to stay still so I wouldn’t mess up my makeup.”

Sara’s Transformation

“The reason that finally made a difference: I wanted to feel better.

I was tired of having my weight, my eating, and my nonexistent self-confidence impact my life every day. Something clicked inside me — I was ready to fight for what I wanted. I was ready to fight for myself.

Once I started, I noticed how much better I felt on the days I worked out. Realizing that made me never want to miss a day!

Turbo Fire with Chalene Johnson is an awesome blend of athletic kickboxing, fun dance moves, and music that puts an unexpected smile on my face. Even if I’m feeling down, as soon as I press “Play,” my mood shifts.

There’s no other workout like it. Chalene is so motivating that I want to give it everything I’ve got. There’s an option to make the music louder so you hear Chalene less, but I never use it.

I want to hear her talk! She sets a positive example for how I should speak to myself. Her enthusiasm, positivity, and fun personality make her the perfect trainer for me.

And I love working out at home. I love that that time is for me. I feel free to learn the workout, mess up sometimes, and really have fun.

When Chalene calls me an “athlete” during a workout, I feel a surge of pride knowing it’s true. Now I can lift weights with my husband and I am proud to say I currently squat 115 pounds.

I can have crazy dance parties with my kids, and not get tired at all. I never hesitate to do an activity because of my body; instead, I get excited to show off the amazing things my body can do!

Now at the end of a bad day, instead of going to the kitchen to bake cookies, I go to the living room to work out.”

Beachbody before and after

Sara’s Life, After

“Confidence is an amazing feeling. I see what I have accomplished with my weight-loss transformation, and I know that I can do incredible things.

There have been so many times in my life when I have doubted myself or felt like I couldn’t do things.

I can tell you that the best way to learn to believe in yourself is to prove to yourself that you can do it. For each day that I worked out, it made it that much easier to feel motivated to do it the next day.

I showed myself how strong I am. I’ve always struggled with feeling like I don’t belong. I didn’t belong in gym class, with the kids that could actually kick a ball. I didn’t belong in the mall, where the clothes weren’t my size.

But now I have a waist! I have a lower body I love after years of being an apple shape. I can shop in any store I want, and I feel so proud of browsing for size 8 clothes.

The first time I went to buy jeans after I lost weight, I braced myself for the usual exhausting struggle to find a pair that fit. But that day, the very first pair I put on fit like a glove — I couldn’t believe it!

Now I feel so much more comfortable in my own skin and confident in so many more settings.

I think the key to feeling like you belong has more to do with how you feel about yourself than about what environment you’re in.

It feels good to feel proud instead of ashamed. It feels good to have a way to cope with stress that actually makes me feel better. It feels good to have connected with so many good parts of myself that I didn’t believe were there.

I am grateful to have gone on this journey, and I am grateful for the million little ways my life is better every day.”