Orange Recover — Now Available in Canada!

Orange Recover — Now Available in Canada!

Good news for our friends to the north — Beachbody Performance Orange Recover is now available in Canada!

Beachbody Performance Recover is more than just your average tub of protein powder.

Right after you work out, your muscles go into serious rebuilding mode.

By consuming protein within 30 minutes of working out, you help give your body the building blocks it needs to do this effectively.

Recover is a chocolatey post-workout drink that does this with a proprietary blend of fast-absorbing whey protein, medium-absorbing pea protein, and slow-absorbing casein protein to ensure you have protein on hand for the entire process.

We teamed up with sports nutrition experts at the University of Exeter in England to test the effects of drinking Recover on post-exercise muscle soreness and muscle function.

You can also enjoy the benefits of Beachbody Performance Plant-Based Chocolate Recover as well.

Plant-Based Chocolate Recover is the first vegan post-workout formula from Beachbody Performance that delivers 20 grams of pea protein, 9 essential amino acids, pomegranate extract, and BCAAs. 

Both whey and plant-based Recover are available in the U.S. & Canada. 

Tub of Orange Recover

Don’t have Recover yet? Talk to your Team Beachbody Coach or get it here!

Beachbody Performance Recover

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