Elise Joan Does Her Toughest Barre Blend Workout

Elise Joan Does Her Toughest Barre Blend Workout

What does it look like when a Beachbody Super Trainer challenges themselves to their program’s toughest workout?

Elise Joan, creator of Barre Blend, put herself to the test and BODlife captured it all.

So which routine did Elise pick?

Cardio Blend from Phase 4, Week 8 of Barre Blend.

For those who haven’t tried it yet, this particular workout is a high-energy, heart-pumping class that helps you burn fat fast while increasing strength and definition all over.

“Confidence” is the motivation card for this workout and that’s what you’ll have in spades once you crush this workout.

Watch Elise struggle (just like the rest of us!) as she sweats through this high-intensity 40-minute routine and shares her thoughts on why Barre Blend’s Cardio Blend is such an effective workout.

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