Barre Blend: Rond de Jambe

Barre Blend: Rond de Jambe

Barre Blend is the low-impact, total-body workout program from Beachbody barre expert and professional dancer, Elise Joan.

The program is a blend of ballet barre, Pilates, and cardio interval training to help you burn fat and create a lean, toned physique.

Elise guides you through 30- to 40-minute workouts, 5 days a week, for 60 days. Each workout is in real-time, which makes you feel like you’re in an actual barre class with a super-supportive community.

Each class is a total-body workout, but Elise adds a special body-part focus each day for extra-targeted toning.

Try this “rond de jambe,” or circling of the leg, with three different options:

How to Do a Rond de Jambe:

1. Modifier Option: Hold on to a chair or barre with your right hand* for balance.

Standing on your right leg, extend your left leg straight in front of you, with toes pointed and touching the floor. Circle your leg out to the side and back in a semi-circle shape, then back around to the front.

Make sure your standing leg has a soft bend in the knee so you’re not locking the joint.

*You can do this move on whichever side you prefer — right or left.

2. Mid-Line Option: To make this move more challenging, lift your left leg up off the ground a few inches while circling your leg. Again, keep a slight bend in the standing leg.

3. Intensifier Option: Take a resistance band and place it just above your knees. Taking a slight bend in your standing leg, lift your left leg up and circle it behind you, then back to the front.

Watch Elise demonstrate the move step-by-step:

Pro tip: Learn more about Barre Blend here.