7 Things Only a Morning Person Will Understand

7 Things Only a Morning Person Will Understand

Few groups of people are more maligned than the morning person.

You know who I’m talking about: That person in the office who ambushes co-workers at the coffeemaker with a cheery barrage of “Good morning! How are you?! How was your weekend?!” before their hapless victim has even had a sip of liquid wake-up.

Larks” are the foil to the more well-known night owls. But it’s not a lark’s fault that they’re happy to wake up early and prefer to start their day when (or even before) the sun rises.

And if that person is you, then here are seven things only you and your fellow larks understand:

1. Mornings Make You Happy

People who aren’t larks don’t get that you’re up early because you like it. In fact, a 2012 University of Toronto study found that a morning person is happier on average than other folks.

Scientists suggest it may be because you’re getting up on your own after a good night of sleep, rather than forcing yourself to wake up and be productive when your body isn’t ready.


2. Your Morning Happiness Lasts All Day

Unlike a cranky night owl who needs a gallon of coffee to get going, a morning person is raring to go as soon as the sun pops up — and that energy lasts all day.

A study found that, in general, morning larks are more agreeable and conscientious than night owls. Maybe that’s why you’re such a shining star at work?!

3. You Don’t Need an Alarm

You see people posting memes about their alarm woes on social media, but you just don’t get it. Sure, you set an alarm, just in case.

But it’s not what wakes you up in the morning. Ten minutes before your external alarm is set to go off, your internal alarm has already gotten you up and at ’em, ready to take on the day.


4. You Love Morning Workouts

Larks are significantly less likely to drink and smoke cigarettes or use other stimulants, while later bedtimes may be tied to weight gain for night owls.

This is a chicken or the egg situation: Do you get up early because you don’t smoke or drink, or do you not smoke or drink because getting up early makes you so happy?

A morning workout can set the tone for the day and you can check it off your to-do list. Two birds = one stone. One very chipper-in-the-morning stone.

5. You Know that Silence (and Time) Is Golden

When you get up in the wee hours, you have the whole world to yourself. There’s something peaceful and soothing when it’s just you and the birds (actual birds) enjoying the quietness of morning.

There’s no rushing around grabbing breakfast while packing lunch while juggling car keys, kids, and pets. Just… silence.


6. You Get Stuff Done

You get up early and you start your day without delay — and there’s science to back that up. Neither indecision nor avoidance has you putting off chores, errands, or workouts.

If you know it has to be done, you get it done and keep going — and you do it all day.


7. You Couldn’t Sleep In Even If You Wanted To

For early birds, “sleeping in” means getting out of bed at 8AM — at the latest. Sleeping till noon on the weekends? You just can’t relate.

Time in bed is time wasted for larks. Sleeping in feels more like punishment than a weekend treat.


So let the night owls roll their bleary eyes at you in the morning; you get why mornings are the best — you do you, lark.