Will Amoila Survive His Toughest Workout?!

Will Amoila Survive His Toughest Workout?!

What does it look like when a Beachbody Super Trainer challenges themselves to their toughest workout?

(Quick answer – see the photo above!)

Recently, Amoila Cesar, creator of 6 Weeks of THE WORK and 4 Weeks of THE PREP and professional NBA trainer, took on the challenge with his most intense workout yet.

Based on fan feedback, the celebrity coach decided to go big and tackle The Work’s Week 6, The Crucible.

This might be the most intense Beachbody Super Trainer Self-Challenge yet since Amoila was hitting the mat with a broken finger!

Honestly, no one would have blamed him for sitting this one out. But, for the purposes of entertainment, science and, in all seriousness, major inspiration – he decided to fight through it.

Note to all the daredevils out there: Amoila wouldn’t have trained on an injury if it wasn’t safe, so if you’re ever in a similar predicament, consult a medical professional before you resume working out.

Between sprinter hops, push-ups, slider burpees and more, The Crucible is no joke.

So will Amoila make it through, or will he throw in the sweat-soaked towel??

Check out the video below to see how far he was able to make it!

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