P90X3 Results: 55-Year-Old Loses 13.6 Pounds, Wins $1,500

P90X3 Results: 55-Year-Old Loses 13.6 Pounds, Wins $1,500

Results vary depending on starting point and effort.

Tim Poland, age 55 from Gurnee, IL, lost 13.6 lbs with P90X3. He entered his results into the Beachbody Challenge and won $1,500!

Tell us about your life before you started the program. How did you feel about yourself and your body?
At 55 years of age, I have been working out on and off for over 35 years. The past 10 years or so, I fell out of my healthy habits, and let my lifestyle dictate my activity. On the way home from work, I would often grab fast food, then more work at home, and finally winding down with an hour of TV and a high-fat, high-carb snack. My weight shot up as my energy levels plummeted. My clothes didn’t fit well, and I became a pale, bloated version of my formerly fit self. I felt as if I were about to fall off a cliff into inactivity.

What inspired you to change your life and begin your transformation journey?
After returning from a vacation with my family, I looked at the photos we took on the trip. I saw in myself a bloated, pale, tired-looking man who looked as if he had given up on life. I resolved to start an exercise and dietary regimen to try to recapture my lost vitality. Years earlier, I had made good progress with P90X, but did not feel I could free up an hour or more every day to work out. One night I was lying on the couch in my usual position, snacking, when I saw an ad for the new P90X3 program. I was sold. 30 minutes a day was definitely in my wheelhouse. I went online and ordered my P90X3 kit immediately, and have not regretted a second of it.

What is the greatest challenge you faced before beginning the program? How did the program and Beachbody help you overcome that challenge?
Inertia was my biggest hurdle. At first, it was difficult to make room in my schedule to work out, and to plan meals. Once I got started, I was in such poor condition that it was difficult to complete the workouts. Fortunately, with some persistence, the scheduling and meal planning became more comfortable, and the workouts, while still very challenging, became more within my reach.


What in particular did you like about the program you chose?
Great variety of exercises (strength, metabolic conditioning, endurance, plyo, and flexibility) in a concise, 30-minute chunk, entertainingly presented by Tony Horton.

Describe the results you achieved with your Beachbody program. Which achievements are you proud of?
I was pleasantly surprised that I lost weight and body fat, and my clothes fit better. But I was most thrilled with my newfound energy, which allowed me to both feel better and be more efficient throughout my day.

How has your life changed since completing your Beachbody program?
I have almost boundless energy, have become more effective at work, and am more present for my family — a precious gift for the low cost of the program.

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