Veronica S. Lost 78 Pounds in 9 Months

Veronica S. Lost 78 Pounds in 9 Months

Veronica’s journey started after she gave birth to her second child.

She felt “stuck in a body that didn’t match my spirit.”

Instead of wishing that her life would change, Veronica made the change happen so she could be the best version of herself for her family.

With 21 Day Fix, she went from over 200 pounds to 150 pounds in nine months and earned “peace and happiness” with her body.

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Veronica’s Life, Before

“Before I started my journey with Beachbody, I knew nothing about how to eat healthy, portion control, or exercise. I had been relatively small most of my teenage and young adult life with little to no effort.

When I was 22, I gave birth to my first son and completely lost myself. I gained 65 pounds with that pregnancy and never lost any of it. I consumed mostly snacks and leftovers and never worked out. I was usually exhausted and lacked self-esteem and confidence.

Three years later, I became pregnant with my second son and gained an additional 30 pounds.

After giving birth the second time, I remember feeling horrible about myself, like I was stuck in a body that didn’t match my spirit.

I was always tired and irritable and uncomfortable. I lacked motivation and energy. I realized I could not go on living this way, and that I needed to make a change — not only for me but for my boys as well.”

Veronica S. working out

Veronica’s Transformation

“My favorite part about 21 Day Fix, initially, was the modifier. I was a beginner starting from scratch without much confidence or knowledge.

The modifier allowed me to keep up with the moves. As I became more comfortable, I loved the amount of knowledge I acquired about working out, in general, and the different exercises. I also learned so much about proper form from Autumn.

The results I have achieved are amazing! In about nine months, I lost 78 pounds. I gained strength and muscles that I have never had before.

When I started, I couldn’t bring myself to take measurements of my body because of sheer embarrassment of what the numbers would be, a decision I regret immensely now, because I am positive the inches lost would be astounding.

In addition to the outward physical results, I have gained the self-esteem, confidence, and energy I had been lacking for some time.

In general, I have more motivation in all aspects of my life. Through this program, I have acquired an overall peace and happiness with my body, my health, and my life!!!”

Veronica’s Life, After

“I think the biggest change is that I prioritize my health now, which is something I have never done before. My daily workouts are the one time I focus completely on myself. It’s my ‘me time’ and it’s critical to my day.

Being the mom of two little boys who are ALWAYS full of energy requires a lot of energy and stamina. I am able to keep up with my boys and be the fun, active mom I have always wanted to be!”

21 Day Fix Results

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